Stiletto Titanium Hammer Giveaway

Stiletto 14 oz Titanium Hammer Model TI14SCR Giveaway

What would you rather drive a Cadillac or Honda?  I think we know the answer… Well the same goes for your hammer. Would you rather swing a cheap, non-reliable hammer or the Cadillac of hammers; the STILETTO?


If there is one tool that is a common denominator for everyone, ranging general contractors, to basic homeowners, its the hammer.

At Tool Box Buzz, we’ve tested our fair share of hammers.  From single hammer reviews to our comprehensive and grueling head to head multiple hammer review we call HAMMER TIME!   Hands down we have crowned Stiletto titanium hammers the champion of hammers.

Why A Titanium Hammer?

The titanium hammer vs. steel hammer debate has been going on job sites for years.   The major attraction to using a titanium hammer is vibration and weight. Titanium, as a metal has the same strength as steel with 45% less weight, and exhibits much less vibration than steel. Some hammer manufacturers claim up to 10 times less vibration.

The folks at Stiletto feel you should have one of their titanium hammers too, and are giving one away, to one of our lucky Facebook followers.   To enter to win, follow the simple instructions below:

This hammer is hammer is up there in price, there is no hiding that. Coming in at roughly $130 one would think this is expensive. That being said you are getting what you pay for here. These hammers are worth every penny and we highly recommend these hammers!

Stiletto Titanium Hammer Giveaway Rules:

  1. Follow ToolBoxBuzz on Facebook: ToolBoxBuzz Facebook Page
  2. Enter your information in the entry form at bottom of this page.

Extra Entries:

Who doesn’t like to increase their chances of winning something?  If you would like to increase your chances to win with EXTRA entries.   We allow five extra entry points for each one or of the following. [Note – repetitive entries with different email address will be deleted]

Entry Dates:

The  Stiletto Titanium Hammer Giveaway ends on May 1, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Winner will receive an email and be announced on Face Book on that week, winner must respond within 48 hours of first notification to claim prize.  Open to 18 yrs old, residents of U.S. only.

Good luck!!


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  2. Josef Millis

    Really wanting to try one of these hammers for awhile now. They sound great !

  3. randy saunders

    would love to win this hammer!

  4. Jimmy Carnline

    I’d rather have a Stiletto Titanium Hammer than a Cadillac.
    The hammer would be a lot more reliable.

  5. matt stillion

    I’ve got a nice collection with stiletto already and would love to add this hammer to it. I use all their products daily on the site and try to follow them faithfully on any newsfeed. Best luck to everyone the winner will surely be pleased with such a great tool I know I will be.

  6. Matthew DeLong

    I love toolbox buzz the reviews are great!

  7. Kenny


    1. MikeyB

      Would love to add this tool to the collection

  8. Gene

    I would so much love to really test out this hammer!! 3O years of wood woorking, framing and finishing and so far nothing beats my Estwings!!

  9. James Henderson

    Have a 10oz and love it, best finishing hammer every!

  10. Mike Gist

    Very nice.. I’ve owned many hammers in my life but this one looks to be the best!

  11. Steve

    An heirloom hammer weighing less and with less vibration!

  12. Joe fix it

    I have had my stiletto 14 ounce for 14 years.I love it and what I don’t like about the new one is that there not made in USA

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