Stanley Quickslide Knife Review

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Stanley Quickslide Knife Review

Stanley Quickslide Knife STHT10828

Manufacturer: Stanley Tools
Model number: STHT10828
Price: $12.00
An interesting take on the utility knife. This Stanley tool features a skeleton design, with a compact profile, three positive stops, a belt hook, and a bottle opener. This tool puts the utility in utility knife.
Super flexible as a pocket knife, auxiliary knife, or primary utility knife. You can store it almost anywhere on your belt, body, or tool box. The blade is secure in the body of the knife but still easy to release when you need to change the blade and during use you can modify the reveal of the blade to best suit the application.

Stanley Quickslide Knife Review 4

Oh yeah, and did we mention it doubles as a bottle opener to reward yourself at the end of a hard days work?


  • Carabineer
  • Bottle Opener
  • Easy Blade Change
  • Slide Operation
  • Die-Cast Body
  • Number of Blades: 1


When it comes to retractable utility knives the biggest pet peeve users have is the blade releasing from the knife. This is most prevalent with quick change blades. The Stanley Quickslide Knife has a quick change feature that is unique to it’s skeleton concept but holds up surprisingly well to tough applications.

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This knife shines as a light and fast utility knife that you can keep handy even when you drop your belt or if you are doing a task that requires a few tools. The innovative carabineer clip keeps the tool handy without filling your pockets. I find myself keeping the knife clipped to my pants even when wearing a belt, its a great back up and I barely notice it’s there due to the thin profile of the tool.

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Overall Impression

This is a great all around utility blade, whether you throw it in an all purpose tool box, use it as a pocket knife, or integrate it into your professional compliment of tools you’ll be glad you have it around.

Stanley Quickslide Knife Review 7

Especially when your ready to crack a beer at the end of the day.

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  1. Fred C

    I’m a relatively handy guy, but I’m puzzling over this knife like a chimp with a cellphone.
    How DO you change blades?
    No hints from Stanley…no instructions…not on youtube…

    1. Jesse

      I can’t figure out how to change the blades, either!! People on Amazon say it’s easy, but as far as I tell, the blade in mine, is locked in, short of me destroying the knife.

    2. Seven years late and for historical purposes I can tell you that it took a Home Depot service person on the phone with Stanley for 20 minutes to show me how to change the blade. I will attempt to explain it:
      Push the blade all the way out. This will expose at the very top of the blade a 3/8ths inch “piece” . . . . which, if you look very closely, is actually a lever. Push the lever away from the blade and the blade will slide out.

      You can probably figure out how to get it back in although it is not simple either!

  2. Fred Connolly

    Blade change shown about 4:45 into this video. It’s what had me frustrated too. Someone…might have been Phillip…was kind enough to email me directions.

    It’s all about the little silver blade retention clip. Try not to break it…ask me how I know…LOL

    (gotta love that Stanley warranty)

    1. tony m

      thanks for the video I had changed the blade once but forgot

  3. SATworks

    Very easy to change blades. Look at the above picture of the hand holding the knife, with the thumb in an obvious position. Press right where that thumb is, and remove the blade. It’s a small spring retention clip–so easy, it’s easy to miss!

    Also, the knife actually has 5 positive stops, counting fully open and fully closed.

    Easiest knife in my arsenal to carry on the jobsite because of its light weight and low profile.

  4. Nelson

    He’s raving about the bottle opener!

    I HATED IT it!!!

    It’s 2 sharp teeth like to bite in flesh and clothing!
    I’ve cut them off with a Dremel tool.

    I have 3 of these knives, except for the bottle opener, I love’m!!!

  5. mskitowhawk

    It is so funny that people are unable to change the blade on this, my favorite utility knife in the world. It is as easy as can be. Extent the blade all the way out. There is a release that you push down to unsecure the blade. So, push it and pull the blade out to flip for the other side. IMHO, anyone who could not figure this out should not EVER touch a razor blade. Common sense is not so common.

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