New Klein Folding Jab Saw

Klein Folding Jab Saw Enables Safer Storage and Faster Cutting

July 10, 2018 (Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (, for professionals since 1857, introduces the Klein Folding Jab Saw, which folds smartly into its comfort-grip handle, enabling safer storage and eliminating puncture holes in tool bags. Additional features include triple ground teeth to cut on both the push and pull strokes as well as a lockback mechanism to secure the blade fully open at 180 degrees or 125 degrees for work in confined areas.

Folding Jab Saw (Cat. No. 31737)

  • Durable, carbon steel blade with triple ground teeth cuts on both the push and pull strokes
  • Lockback mechanism secures blade fully open at 180 degrees or at 125 degrees for work in hard to reach spaces
  • Secure folding mechanism is as sturdy as a fixed blade jab saw
  • Folding saw tucks away safely into handle to eliminate piercing through tool pouches and bags
  • Cushioned handle-end provides easier palming of the saw
  • Non-slip grip handle for all-day comfort
  • Lanyard hole for tethering
  • Designed to cut through drywall, wallboard, plywood, plastic and other construction materials

“On jobsites, we observed many torn and punctured tool bags as well struggles with storing fixed blade jab saws,” says Laura Ranieri, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “The blade on Klein’s new Folding Jab Saw can be tucked away into the tool’s handle for easy-storage, helping to prevent damage to other tools or the bag itself.”

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  1. Taylor r.

    Klein sent me this folding jab saw to test under the klein crusaders program. If I leave an honest review I will be rewarded incentives under this promotion. This jab saw is the best saw I have used. The fact I can fold it up and the blade not cut my bag or other tool grips and most importantly my hands. I can’t tell you how many times I have cut my hand open on other saws. The blade is sharp and strudy, I was very suprised how it isnt flimsy at all. Cuts sheetrock like butter. Handle is soft enough that it doesnt hurt ur hand as you jab it in. Its to fold up and carry in back pocket. I would recommend anyone to buy this jab saw.
    #kleincrusaders #kleintools

  2.  Klein has provided me with a free product and additional incentives to give an honest review of this product. First impression, well built and comfortable to grip. It folds closed, that is my number 1 selling point, no more tears and snags. Tool bags are to expensive to have unnecessary holes in them. It is just as sturdy, if not more than my fixed blade saw and more comfortable to use. It also doesn’t take up the room in my bag that a fixed blade does. It locks in place with authority, no worries on it closing while cutting. You need one of these if you ever use a jab saw, even if just occasionally. #kleincrusaders

  3. Brent Sanders

    Klein tools has also sent this to me for free to test and review with some additional incentives in exchange for an honest review. Over all this product is awesome ! I currently use a dewalt folding jab saw and there are some flaws . My blades gets stuck in and I have to use a screwdriver to get it out . Not with this Klein, the end has a rubber end , which I tend to pound on mine , making it more durable . 5 stars!

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