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Rolgear 15-in-1 Screwdriver Review

As a remodeling contractor, I’m a fan of ratcheting and multi-bit screwdrivers, as they allow multiple tool options with one tool.

I recently came across the Rolgear screwdriver which has a unique and innovative gear mechanism. What I mean by that is that it’s completely silent, and there is no lost motion, unlike a geared screwdriver where you have to click through the gears.

The Rolgear screwdriver has a super smooth action, its forward and backward motions offer silent ratcheting, and a center position, locks the driver for adjustment work.

The handle has a rounded-triangle shape with high friction rubber material for good grip, and three flat edges prevent rolling.

Adjusting the Rolgear Screw Driver

  1. Twist The Green Locking Mechanism Right For Forward Use
  2. Twist The Green Locking Mechanism Left For Reverse Use
  3. Leave The Green Locking Mechanism In The Center Position To Lock The Driver In Place.

Accessory Bits

The Rolgear multibit screwdriver has a ¼” nut driver with a strong magnet and seven, 3-inch steel bits, in the following sizes:

  • Slotted: 3/16″, 1/4″
  • Square: 0, 1, 2, 3
  • Phillips: 0, 1, 2, 3
  • Torx: 10, 15, 20, 25

The bit inserts in to the driver’s holder shaft, approximately 7/8 of an inch, and are held in place with a strong magnet. Because of the depth of the bit holder, this screwdriver cannot use 1-inch accessory bits. Which is a bummer.

The 6 other bits are stored inside the screwdrivers handle.  To retrieve one of the stored bits, you can use your finger tip or the working bit to push the stored bit forward.  As the bit leaves the handle carriage a small diametrically charged magnets embedded in the handle holds the bits well enough until they are picked and inserted to the holder.

Using the Rolgear Screwdriver

The silent mechanism on the Rolgear works amazingly well. This driver allows for efficient fastening with minuscule hand twists back and forth, which help keep the users wrist in a more neutral position. It’s a really intuitive screw driver to use and is fairly lightweight.

I also noticed that the ratcheting mechanism will turn super loose screws unlike competitor models where the screw has to have a certain number of threads engaged before you can get the ratchet to work.

I really liked that I was able to operate this screw driver, including the forward and reverse feature all with one hand. This really is a single-handed tool.


We noticed that the printing on the adjustment knob started to wear from holstering the driver in our tool belts. Additionally, this driver is can’t use standard 1 inch bits with this, need to use a tool bit holder, or just use long bits.

With the accessory bit included the Rolgear measures 8-3/4” from handle to tip. The bits are clearly sized to match the handle, but we’d like to see the overall length of this tool cut down.

The other thing we noticed is that if you pick up this screw driver by the accessory bit it will pull out of the holder. Maybe a slightly stronger magnet is needed?

Made in Canada

Invented and manufactured in North America, Rolgear is a family owned company in British Columbia, Canada. Rolgear manufactures and produces a full line of ratcheting screwdrivers. The Swiss founder, Robert Suter, invented the patented technology of his roller type ratchet.


The Rolgear Multi-bit SILENT Ratchet Screwdriver costs $25.00 online which is on par with other ratcheting screw drivers.

Rolgear Multi-bit SILENT Ratchet Screwdriver

Rolgear also offers personalization on screwdriver handles for business or personal marketing purposes.

Rolgear Multi-bit SILENT Ratchet Screwdriver – Video Review

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  1. Robert Szachury

    Awesome I love these ????

  2. Just one question: Does it use STANDARD 2″+ bits? I.e., can I pick up replacements at pretty much any half way decently stocked hardware store, or are the bits the slightly oversize weird ones?

    And a bit of good news: Apparently, Rolgear makes one that uses standard 1″ bits. It’s available from Lee Valley

    1. No the bits are 3″ lint. The 2″ will fit but they’ll be short in the handle

  3. Hi Rob, a while ago you did a great video on my Rolgear products and I am wondering if you would give us permission to use your video to show in upcoming trade shows on our monitor mounted in our booth.

    I am Rob Suter the inventor and founder of Rolgear. Thank you for the great video you did,

    1. Hi Rob,

      Of course you can. We’d live to get some more of your stuff reviewed on our site. Please have your folks reach out.

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