RIDGID Tool Gift Guide

2019 RIDGID Tool Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Season is here and I’ll bet you are looking for the perfect gift for your favorite contractor, handyman, or DIY’ers this Holiday season? Do not waste time wandering around the aisles of the big box stores or searching the endless pages of confusing stock lists of the online retailers, just check out our 2019 RIDGID Tool Gift Guide.

Let the ToolBoxBuzz Crew help. Our 2019 RIDGID Tool Gift Guide can guide you through choosing the right gift for your loved ones this holiday season. This 2019 RIDGID Tool Gift Guide is full of great tools and accessories for your loved ones that will make you look like a hero this season.

We’ve selected a wide range of tools and accessories for every budget that we know will wow your lucky tool recipients. Take a look at the items we compiled, use the convenient links, and check another difficult-to-buy-for person off your holiday shopping list!

RIDGID® Model RT0600 Compact Wet Dry Vacuum

Folks in the trades and DIY’ers tend to be above average neat nicks. And who doesn’t need a conveniently-sized and compact Wet/Dry shop vac? The RIDGID® Model RT0600 vac is the top performer in its size class. Its portable design makes transporting and stowing hassle-free, while the powerful motor (4.25 Peak hp) gives you enough suction for most common messes. Ideal portability, power, and durability in a compact wet dry vacuum. This is ideal for the craftsperson in your life.

2019 RIDGID Tool Gift Guide


RIDGID Aluminum 14” Straight Pipe Wrench

I don’t pretend to know what gets plumbers excited, but I suspect you’ll get a smile out of your favorite plumber with this light weight aluminum pipe wrench.

2019 RIDGID Tool Gift Guide


Gone are the days of lugging around heavy cast iron pipe wrenches. RIDGID manufactures these aluminum wrenches in sizes starting at 10” – all the way up to 48”! The 14” wrench weighs in at 2.5 lbs. and fits a 2” pipe. Time to go light with this Ridgid Aluminum Pipe Wrench. It’s so light, even his/her stocking won’t know its there! Home Depot has these at $46.43.

Ridgid Aluminum 14” Offset Pipe Wrench

If you got excited by the RIDGID aluminum Straight Wrench and a gift, the perfect companion would be the RIDGID 14” Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench.

2019 RIDGID Tool Gift Guide

The Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrenches feature a jaw opening parallel to the handle and a narrower hook jaw head.  This lightweight wrench provides easy entry into tight spots. It is designed to be an ideal choice for overhead applications. The 14” offset wrench weighs in at 2.0 lbs and has a capacity to fit up to 2” pipe. They are available from Ohio Power Tool for a price of $62.05.

RIDGID C-style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutter

A good tool does not make a good plumber, but a good plumber most certainly benefits from the right tool. My point here is, when a plumber has a close-quarters need for a compact tubing cutter, the RIDGID C Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutter will benefit the plumber greatly.

This compact tubing cutter can be a real time saver!


2019 RIDGID Tool Gift Guide

RIDGID designed a Snap-on feature for a quick pipe connection and no size adjustment, saving valuable time. The C-style has a spring-loaded cutter wheel provides constant pressure on pipe providing fast and straight cuts. If needed, unique screwdriver slots in the C-style housing provide the extra leverage for making the cut in extremely tight spaces.

This is a tool that when you need it – nothing else will do. Available at Home Depot for $33.99.


If you are looking for a gift to fit easily in a stocking, this one is not it. But seriously, for the plumber or handyman that needs a drain cleaning tool, this one fits the bill.

The Power Spin cleans drain lines from ½” to 1½” in diameter. The Kink-resistant MAXCORE® cable is designed for drill powered operation up to 500 RPMs. The AUTOFEED® Trigger Technology allows its cable to self-feed down the clogged drain.  $54.50 online.

2019 RIDGID Tool Gift Guide

The Power Spin can also be used manually by pulling its trigger and turning the drum for a clean drain without the mess. This gift is a targeted one for the person who will be dealing with the clogs that happen in life.

Unclog your drains by buying this at Home Depot for $40.78.

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