DEWALT 40 Inch Multi-Functional Utility Bar DWHT55293

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DEWALT 40 Inch Multi-Functional Utility Bar DWHT55293

Manufacturer: Dewalt
Model number: DWHT55293
Price: 30.00
Power source: "Brute Force and Ignorance"
Motor size: Human Power

DEWALT 40” Multi-Functional Utility Bar DWHT55293 Review

We recently used the DEWALT 40” Multi-Functional Utility Bar on a bathroom remodel during the demolition phase. This Dewalt bar look a little different from the earlier crowbar descendants.  Based on leverage research and some good old Dewalt engineering, this bar is a crowbar on steroids!

Where in the heck did the term “crowbar” come from?

The use of the word ‘crow,’ [crow bar] by the English, dates as far back as year 1400. The crow had a splayed end that resembled a crow’s beak or foot; by the mid-18th century it was known as a crow bar.

DEWALT 40” Multi-Functional Utility Bar DWHT55293

A crowbar, also called a utility bar, wrecking bar, pry bar, or pinch-bar have been used in demolition work demolition. Remodelers use crow bars to remove large nails and screws, as well as prying away wood from attached surfaces. They can also be used to provide leverage to move large stones.

Crow bars rely scientific principle of leverage.

DEWALT 40” Multi-Functional Utility Bar DWHT55293


DEWALT 40 Inch Multi-Functional Utility Bar DWHT55293

7 Reasons I liked this Bar

There were seven points that stood out about this bar:

  1. The bar has a beefy 7/8 inch diameter stock bar / handle and is 40-inches long.  It is solid, sturdy and has great reach.
  2. The 40-inch length and integral pivot point gives the bar excellent leverage. This bar is like no other bar, it’s leverage is exceptional.
  3. The utility bar has two nail claw ends to accommodate different nail pulling angles and positions, one has an extra wide prying end. It can pry and pulls nails well.
  4. The rear of the goose neck has a striking surface.  I did nut use the par for striking but its heavy enough and the striking surface if sturdy enough to bust through plaster and move studs.
  5. The curved goose end is perfectly sized to hook onto and twist or pull 2 x 4 board stock. This feature works well and give you a twisting leverage that you could never achieve with other bars.
  6. A groove in the goose-neck end rests indexes onto floor joist edges and prevents the bar from slipping when prying sub-floor or deck boards. An overlooked feature because it simply works without fanfare.  If you’re not paying attention you wont even notice how well this index locks onto boards when prying.
  7. Costs $30.00, a price worth having two in the truck!

If you get the chance, check out the DEWALT 40 Inch Multi-Functional Utility Bar DWHT55293, let us know what you think, in the comment section.

I was impressed!

How Much and Where to Buy?

The DEWALT 40 Inch Multi-Functional Utility Bar DWHT55293 sells online here for $29.00: DEWALT-40-In-Multi-FunctioniUtility-Bar

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