Milwaukee Expands Locking Tools with Torque Lock™

New Milwaukee® Locking Tools Feature User Inspired Torque Lock™ Design

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to rapidly expand its Hand Tool offering with the introduction of several new locking tools that dramatically increase productivity for the user. Featuring a patent pending Torque Lock™ adjustment system, the new Milwaukee® Locking Pliers and Locking C-Clamps deliver an innovative solution for adjusting the size of the gripping jaws while secured to material. This gives the user the ability to produce maximum locking force with a much faster and controlled set up.

Milwaukee Locking Plier Torque Lock Design

“As we spent time on the jobsite investigating this category, we found that many users were modifying their locking tools by welding a loop on the back end of the thumb screw. This created a way to setup their tool faster and produce the necessary holding force with a screwdriver,” says Ryan Schwoegler, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Inspired by this inventive user modification, our TORQUE LOCK™ Locking Tools feature a  thumb screw with a more convenient geometry for hand force and a unique screwdriver through-hole design to produce maximum locking force.”

Each tool also features hardened jaws for more gripping power on jobsite material, and is made from chrome plated forged alloy steel for maximum durability and rust protection. A traditional release lever design provides further jobsite functionality and convenience for increased productivity.


Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the new products confirm Milwaukee’s commitment to best-in-class durability and their relentless commitment to provide innovative solutions to the end user that will increase productivity.


Tools in BOLD below are new to the lineup.

Locking Pliers

  • 48-22-3420      10″ TORQUE LOCK™ Curved Jaw Locking
  • 48-22-3421      7” TORQUE LOCK™ Curved Jaw
  • 48-22-3422      5” TORQUE LOCK™ Curved Jaw
  • 48-22-3423      4” TORQUE LOCK™ Curved Jaw
  • 48-22-3510      10″ TORQUE LOCK™ Straight Jaw Locking
  • 48-22-3507      7″ TORQUE LOCK™ Straight Jaw Locking
  • 48-22-3810      10” TORQUE LOCK™ Straight Jaw Gripped
  • 48-22-3807      7” TORQUE LOCK™ Straight Jaw Gripped
  • 48-22-3509      9” TORQUE LOCK™ Long Nose
  • 48-22-3506      6” TORQUE LOCK™ Long Nose
  • 48-22-3504      4” TORQUE LOCK™ Long Nose
  • 48-22-3610      10” MAX BITE™
  • 48-22-3607      7” MAX BITE™
  • 48-22-3710      10” MAX BITE™ Gripped
  • 48-22-3707      7” MAX BITE™ Gripped

Locking C-Clamps

  • 48-22-3529      18” TORQUE LOCK™ Deep Reach Reg Jaws
  • 48-22-3520      18” TORQUE LOCK™ Swivel Jaws
  • 48-22-3530      18” TORQUE LOCK™ Reg Jaws
  • 48-22-3521      11″ TORQUE LOCK™ Locking C-Clamp Swivel Jaws
  • 48-22-3522      6″ TORQUE LOCK™ Locking C-Clamp Swivel Jaws
  • 48-22-3531      11″ TORQUE LOCK™ Locking C-Clamp Regular Jaws
  • 48-22-3532      6″ TORQUE LOCK™ Locking C-Clamp Regular Jaws
  • 48-22-3523      9” TORQUE LOCK™ Deep Reach Swivel
  • 48-22-3533      9” TORQUE LOCK™ Deep Reach Reg Jaws
  • 48-22-3631      11” TORQUE LOCK™ Reg Jaws Gripped
  • 48-22-3632      6” TORQUE LOCK™ Reg Jaws Gripped


  • 48-22-3540      8” TORQUE LOCK™ Locking Seamer
  • 48-22-3541      TORQUE LOCK™ Large Jaw
  • 48-22-3542      TORQUE LOCK™ Chain Wrench
  • 48-22-3543      TORQUE LOCK™ Welder’s Clamp

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