Klein Heavy Duty Wire Stripper

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Klein Heavy Duty Wire Stripper K12055 Review

Klein Heavy Duty Wire Stripper K12055

Manufacturer: Klein
Model number: K12055
Price: 29.00
Weight: 10.0 ounces
I’m an electrician, and I’ve long thought that wire strippers had very little purpose to me except for when I needed a bolt cutter.  The pliers have always been lousy and my linesman pliers can strip wires almost as quickly.  Why should I bother carry around another tool.  So they alway sat in the van never to come out unless I needed to cut a 6-32 or 8-32 bolt.  The Klein Heavy Duty Wire Stripper K12055 have made me reconsider this.

Klein K12055 Specifications

  • Weight: 10.1 ounces
  • Dimensions 2.2 x .5 x 8 Inches
  • Strips 10-18 solid wires and 12-20 stranded
  • 6-32 and 8-32 bolt cutters
  • Model Number: K12055

Klein K12055 Functionality

American-made, when you pick these wire strippers up you will feel the weight in your hand and the comfort of the grips. Klein’s heavy duty wire strippers are aiming to be an all around universal set of pliers.  To be able to to strip, cut, splice, and cut 6-33/8-32 bolts.  What sets this tool apart from other wire strippers is the large plier head.  The function of a wire stripper, cutter or bolt cutter work as you would expect a Klein to function.

The pliers are designed to splice wires and they say up to 3 wires, you can certainly do more then three but these aren’t the linesman pliers you are used to.  They are giving up quite a bit of leverage to a set of 9”linesman pliers.  I believe the reason they are saying 3 wires max is because they know these pliers can not replace a large set of pliers.  You simply don’t have the leverage to make a large spice as effectively.

Using the Klein Wire Stripper

Where I see these pliers excelling is on a finish of a house.  You typically only have a few small splices to make up and would prefer to have a set of wire strippers when going through and installing your outlets, switches and lights.  If your like me you can never fully put down your linesman pliers but they can stay in your back pocket or tool pouch a bit longer and just work with a set of Klein’s heavy duty wire strippers and your screwdrivers.

Klein’s Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper is built with the durability of pliers and the sharpness and precision of a wire stripper. Four times (4X) stronger than existing Klein wire strippers.



The Klein heavy duty wire stripper to be a very good all around tool that provides durable wiring cutting, stripping and twisting plus bolt shearing in one tool. They are are very heavy duty and well made. I was with the quality, and have found that Klein Tools are on our short list of top notch hand tools.

Klein Heavy Duty Wire Stripper K12055

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