Channellock #87 Rescue Tool Review

Shorter, Lighter Design Offers First Responders Pocket-Size Rescue Tool

Channellock Rescue PliersThe new Channellock #87 Rescue Tool fits a nitch that other tools in the industry don’t. This tool fits nicely in a firefighter’s turnout pocket and light enough not to hinder movement. In addition to the lighter, smaller design the following features including:

  • The cutting tool makes short work of battery cables, which quite often are wrapped in mangled metal, making their smaller size a big advantage.
  • The tapered wedge has many uses, forceable entry tool, for windows and doors.
  • The tapered wedge can be used to prop doors open.
  • The tool is a great spanner wrench and gas shut off wrench.
  • I am sure firefighters will find many other functions for this tool.

Firefighters from the City of Fillmore, CA helped evaluate this tool. Below are some photos from on the job training with the new Channellock #87 Rescue Tool.

#87 Rescue Tool Cutting A Car Battery Cable

#87 Rescue Tool Shutting Off Natural Gas Valve

#87 Rescue Tool Attaching Fire Hose To Hydrant

#87 Rescue Tool Prying Car Door Open

The only thing that the firemen thought would also be helpful is a sharp point for breaking glass. Other than that the #87 Channellock Rescue Tool was great! If you’re a first responder, fireman or EMT this tool is extremely useful.

Special Thanks – A special thanks to the firemen of Fillmore, CA Fire Department for sharing their thoughts about this new tool.

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