Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

About 2 years ago, Milwaukee Tool heavily invested resources into creating a hand tool division with the professional contractor in mind. Part of that initial lineup was a number of tape measures designed for maximum durability and increased functionality. The hand tools have been a huge hit with pros and serious DIY-ers alike. Milwaukee has recognized a need for more variety within the segment though; not everyone needs all of the bells and whistles included on the initial line of tapes. These new tapes have a few less features but with a lower price, all the while maintaining the durability factor their tapes are known for.Milwaukee Tape Measure -1

Notable FeaturesMilwaukee Tape Measure -4

  • Nylon bond blade protection boasting a claimed 10x life of standard tapes
  • 5-point reinforced frame
  • Wire form belt clip
  • Optimized blade for scoring applications <– This works awesome for scoring drywall
  • Wider base for more stability
  • Available in 16 and 25 foot lengths
  • Lifetime limited warranty


Like I mentioned in the other recent tape measure review, a tape measure is one of those tools you can judge in the first 5 minutes of use. For the contractor the tape measure is probably the most used tool on the job site. It is always in hand taking measurements, marking layouts, double checking openings, etc. It is used on every aspect of a construction project. If a tape measure is awkward to hold, extend, or retract we’re not going to use it for long. We’ll going to be passing it to the rookie when his bargain-bin P.O.S. fails.

The new Milwaukee tape measures fit perfectly in my hand. I’m pretty sure my identical hand twin developed the 16′ tape, it fits that well. I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that I’ll never be passing these new tapes to the rookies. I’ll be recommending they buy their own though.


These new Milwaukee tape measures keep the same durability as the other tapes in the line. It’s claimed that they offer up to 10x the durability over standard tape measures. Heck, I’ll be happy with 5x the durability. I’ve wrecked so many tapes laying out footings, walls, and floors in the sand and gravel. You know when it first starts raining and the sand and dirt really sticks to the tape? No matter how much you try to clean off the blade as it retracts you still get some in there. Or retracting the tape through dry dirt after a long measure. It drags over the ground for 10 feet or so before it finally rises as it gets closer to your hand. That friction in the sand is what can own the coating on most tapes. The Milwaukee tape measures are different and you can hear that difference. Check out the video to hear for yourself.

Final Thoughts

There may be a few less features on these tapes than their other offerings but the lower price point is worth the compromise. The durability isn’t compromised though and as a pro, that’s the most important feature to me. These Milwaukee tapes have that in spades. I encourage you to go to your local Milwaukee dealer and hold these in your hand. Give them that 5 minute snap judgment; hear and feel the durability for yourself.

Milwaukee Tape Measures
$13.97 - $17.97

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