Milwaukee Metalworking Hand Tools

Milwaukee Metalworking Hand Tool Review

Milwaukee has is known for making professional grade power tools that come with a reputation of being both durability and long term performance. A few years ago they started making hand tools. When I say “making,” I should clarify by saying they looked at what professional hand tools were in use and went to work at making them perform better, and being more productive.  All with the goal of focusing on innovative, trade specific solutions. Milwaukee Metalworking Hand Tools

Milwaukee Metalworking Tools

I always say, “a Leopard doesn’t change its spots!” Milwaukee hand tools are built as tough, if not tougher, than their power tools, and allow pro contractors to use these tools faster, more productively and safer. As a remodeling contractor I found myself reaching for the Classic and Lightweight Tinners for all types of cutting from metal sheet stock, rubber roofing, roping, zip ties, #8 wire twist ties, wire mesh, corner bead, cardboard, irrigation hose, insulation, and even  lumber strap ties.  I think you get the idea. Designed to cover the complete metalworking solution for the pro end users, these six new Tinner Snips are divided into three types:

  • Compound-Offset Tinner
  • Classic Tinners
  • Lightweight Tinners

These tinners all feature a 40% larger handle loops allowing comfortable use while wearing work gloves. Milwaukee Metalworking Hand Tools

Compound-Offset Tinner

The Compound-Offset Tinner Snips is an all metal machine precision design, forged for strength, and has a rust protection coating.  The blades are secured with a BOLT-LOCK™ Technology to prevent them from loosening over time. This offset Tinner features 45-degree all-metal forged offset blades to keep the user’s hands above the material.  Something you’ll appreciate when cutting wire mesh or aluminum sheet stock! This Tinner uses a compound cutting mechanism that increases the tool’s cutting force, allowing cuts in metal materials – such as metal, heavy gauge copper and sheet stock up to te following gauges

  • Cold rolled steel up to 18 gauge.
  • Stainless steel up to 2 gauge.

Milwaukee Metalworking Hand Tools

Classic Tinner Snips

The Classic Tinner Snips are offered in 10”, 12” and 16” sizes for straight cuts, and a Duckbill model for tight radius cuts. All three models are metal machine precision design, forged for strength, and have a rust protection coating. We tested the 12-inch model and used them a lot!  Like the other tinner snips this model has a 40% larger handle loop for working with gloves.  The Bolt Lock technology Milwaukee uses prevents the blade handles from loosening during use. The 12-Inch Classic Snips will cut:

  • Cold rolled steel up to 20 gauge.
  • Stainless steel up to 22 gauge.

Milwaukee Metalworking Hand Tools

Lightweight Tinner Snip

The Lightweight Tinner Snip is an aluminum-bodied snip with replaceable blades. With a cutting length of 3-1/2” these snips are ideal for long cuts in sheet metal or ductwork. I reach for these when cutting copper sheet stock, aluminum and copper step flashing or lead flashing. Lightweight Tinner’s snips are also more convenient for cutting light gauge metals, rubber and plastics than the heavier compound action shears you might be used to, and tend to be more accurate and easier to guide when making complex cuts. These Tinners work well on many materials, and I cut everything from cardboard to insulation, rubber and metal. If I had to explain these to someone who has never seen them before, they are the most heavy duty, durable, outstanding cutting shears I’ve used. Milwaukee Metalworking Hand Tools

3” Speed Seamer

The 3” SPEED SEAMER™ is designed to be comfortable for both overhand and underhand use and feature a forged metal head and comfortable over-molded handles.  A simple to use and easy to reach lock keeps the tool jaws closed. The 3” Speed Seamer folds most common metals found in HVAC ductwork and copper and aluminum flashing work.   The forged steel jaws has markers at 3/8 and 1-inch, both common seam folds, allowing both speed and accuracy. The Speed Seamer has a 1-1/2 inch deep throat and will crimp the following metals:

  • Cold rolled steel up to 22 gauge.
  • Stainless steel up to 24 gauge.

In the remodeling field I soften reach for the 3-inch Seamer when working with roofing, window and trim flashing.  They came in perfect the other day reworking a copper window overhang.  I liked the comfortable symmetrical handles and the power or leverage that the tool provides. Milwaukee Metalworking Hand Tools

5-Blade HVAC Crimper

The 5-Blade HVAC Crimper is impact an rust resistant, it features reinforced crimper ribs, which provide greater blade stability, producing up to 2X longer tool life.  Milwaukee’s BOLT-LOCK technology prevents the blades from loosening. The crimper has a 1-5/8 inch deep throat and will crimp the following metals:

  • Cold rolled steel up to 22 gauge.
  • Stainless steel up to 24 gauge.

The 3” SPEED SEAMER™ and 5-Blade HVAC Crimper are designed to be comfortable for both overhand and underhand use and feature a forged metal head and comfortable over-molded handles, As remodeling  carpenters I typically find myself reaching for this tool when installing or re-working kitchen, bathroom venting and HVAC as well as and dryer venting.  Without this tool you’re at a loss fitting vent pipe and ductwork.

Tinner Snips

  • 48-22-4005     Compound- Offset Tinner Snips
  • 48-22-4003     10” Classic Tinner Snips
  • 48-22-4002     12” Classic Tinner Snips
  • 48-22-4001     16” Bulldog Classic Tinner Snips
  • 48-22-4004     10” Duckbill Classic Tinner Snips
  • 48-22-4006     13” Lightweight Tinner Snips
  • 48-22-4007     Lightweight Tinner Snips Replacement Blades

Forming Tools

  • 48-22-6000     3” SPEED SEAMER™
  • 48-22-6001     5-Blade HVAC Crimper

 Overall Thoughts

The Milwaukee metalworking hand tools; tinner’s snips, seamer and crimper all worked beautifully and are clearly well made and durable.  Our crew enjoyed using them, especially compared to the flimsy, no-name crimper and seamer we were used to using. In addition to HVAC contractors, and remodelers, these tools also get used by roofers for flashing and gutter work, and many times the tool choices sold with roof and gutter materials are not quality. I have to give the folks at Milwaukee credit, they are looking at the functions we perform and the tool we use and are re-0working the tools with better, beefier innovation.


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