Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990

Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990 Review

There’s something almost magical in the way a chalk reel creates a crisp, perfectly straight line. No other tool, except an expensive laser, makes a perfectly straight line over a long distance, so quickly and reliably.

Chalk lines have been in use since ancient Egypt, and used continuously by builders in various cultures since.

Milwaukee continued to development, and improve this simple, but effective tool by redesigning their reel gears to solve job-site frustrations, often seen in chalk reels by designing the Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990.

Milwaukee 100' Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990 Milwaukee Improves Chalk Reel

The Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990 has been re-designed with a 6:1 planetary gear system that distributes forces evenly over three gears, putting less stress on internal components to prolong life.

They also included a proprietary StripGuard™ Clutch that protects the gears when the line is snagged or excessive force is applied,

Job-site Tough

The engineering into this aluminum housing reel make it durable and efficient reel and the 6:1 gear ratio allows the line to be returned to the reel in seconds.

I’ve been using the Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990 for awhile, and it is the nicest chalk reel I’ve used. It’s a simple tool that now works better than it ever has!!

The Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990 sells for approximately $16.00.

Milwaukee 100' Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990

It features a tightly braided .9mm line, which minimizes chalk spill and creates a clean, crisp line. No mess!! One of the features that I like about this reel is that it is clean and there is no residual chalk spillage.

If you watch the video review you will see me testing the line by pulling it out, pull after pull. On competitor chalk reels you’d have a pile of residual dust on the work bench.

A flush folding handle stows nice and allows me to slide it in my tool bag without catching. It weighs only 0.589 lbs.

Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990- Video Review

Innovative Improvements

This is one tool that is often looked at as a disposable tool – not anymore! If your ready for a chaulk line on steroids, check out the Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990, its a well engineered, durable, super fast and clean.

How Much and Where to Buy?

The Milwaukee 100′ Precision Chalk Reel 48-22-3990 sells online for $28.00 here: MILWAUKEE-100-Ft-Precision-Line


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  1. I lost/misplaced my 25+ year old chalk line and the nephew was mak’in fun of me, cause we were needing a chalk line the other day and I could not put my hands on mine. I will buy this next time I hit Home Depot. Cast aluminum, precision, gear reduction, all words in my everyday lexicon…ok…that did it.

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