KLEIN Hybrid Pliers J215-8CR

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KLEIN Hybrid Pliers J215-8CR Review

 A great little hot rod of a tool that is a real asset to DIY folk and pros.  This hybrid melds several tools into one little handheld package.

When doing electrical work, it is necessary to have a small army of tools around to replace even a light fixture.  Wouldn’t be nice if we could combine a few of those items into one?

Wire strippers, wire cutters, crimpers, bolt cutters/shears and pliers are married seamlessly and placed into the palm of your hand with this instrument by Klein.

Comort, Convenience and Quality

First impression on picking up the hybrid pliers.  Feels substantial.  Feels strong. Feels good.

The overall length is a well-sized 8” and the weight is just over a half-pound.  For me, and the several others that I have showcased this tool to, it has good proportions and a nice balance.  It just balances right when picked up even before you get down to work. The Klein Tool Co. has been in business a long time.  

The pliers are made of high carbon steel that has been induction hardened.  The handles are of two substantial plastic materials. The outer layer that comes more in contact with the hand is a comfortable, ever-so-slightly soft gray. The inner handles are black and slightly more rigid and dense.

Consumer Led Innovation

A large portion of consumers are desiring a tool with multiple functions.  Klein’s own survey research discovered millennials prefer multi-tools 76% of the time over a single use tool.  The Klein Tool Co. has been in business a long time.  In fact, over 160 years.  As well as being an established authority on tools they are keen on forging into the future with new and innovative tools.

The hybrid pliers from Klein have taken the most important essentials, the pliers and strippers, and combined them into a completely viable solution… AND, added some of the other likely necessities in the mix.  

A “Smart Tool” – Well Done!

There are no electronics onboard.  So, maybe this hybrid is not as smart at your phone.  But the smart design and engineering have made these pliers (and strippers and more) a wonder to use.

The wire cutters are intimidating.  They are sharp and hard.  The bolt cutters/shears are little monsters at cutting bolts, screws and nails.  The crimper beats down on any ferrule and wire in it’s way.

The pliers have a tough knurled head.  These things are grabby!  No problems getting hold of a few wires and twisting-em.  The wire strippers are perfect – standard for Klein.  They certainly know how to make a wire stripper. No problems here.  Strips stranded wire from size #12 to #14.  Solid wire from #10 to #12. 

Using the KLEIN Hybrid Pliers

Typical electrical work will always need the trusty set of pliers and a wire stripper. Over and over again there is cut, strip, twist and cut, strip, twist. From this core of tasks, a project could possibly require 2,3,4 or more additional steps and additional tools.

I have been using my hybrid set for several weeks now.  At my own home and out on electrical jobs I have immensely enjoyed using them.  With these hybrid pliers in hand, along with a screwdriver, it is possible that DIY or simple professional projects can be a done deal. 

For me, I find that for small projects these hybrids are best used.  Grab and go.  Pop in a receptacle or wire up a light fixture.  

For large projects with many steps and multiple repetitions of tasks I find that single use electrical tools are preferred.  After decades of electrical work under my belt I can work best with simple, specific tools to get into “production mode” on a job.  The hybrids do compromise a little bit in their scope of wire stripper sizing’s and with the small head for twisting wires.  This becomes a bit of a disadvantage when needing to go long and hard on a project.


In store and online for just under $40.00. 

Final Impressions 

A tool with real pro quality that has a mind for DIYers, too.  Pick up a pair and hold in your hand.  Good comfort and good quality.  They might just serve you for a lifetime.  

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