Kershaw Needs Work Knife

Kershaw Needs Work Knife 1820 With Sandvik 14C28N Stainless-Steel Blade

In the construction field you want a knife that’s tough, durable, well made and won’t slip from your dirty, wet or slippery hands.  The Kershaw Needs Work Knife is just that, it’s a “go to” knife for all sorts of cutting applications.

The Kershaw Needs Work Knife weighs just 4 ounces and has a hollow-ground “sheep’s foot,” thick spine blade that is made with Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel.   Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel is durable, resists rust and holds a nice edge for a long time.  The design of the sheep foots blade also ensures that you have a more solid blade tip because  no one has ever used a knife tip to pry right???

The handle of the Kershaw Needs Work Knife is made of glass-filled nylon and is durable and tough and can take the beating it will receive on a job site.  It’s grip is contoured to accept the first three fingers in your hand with a generous index finger guard to keep your finger from slipping.  The top of the handle has a curved portion for your thumb.

What I Liked About the Kershaw Needs Work Knife :

My favorite feature to the Kershaw Needs Work Knife is it’s patented SpeedSafe manual “blade open”assist for smooth, easy opening.  I have yet to find a better manufacturer for blade assist technology.

The blade deploys by a finger flipper and there are no  thumb studs.

I mentioned earlier that this is a perfect no nonsense, job site, “go to” knife that deploys faster than a utility knife, is more durable and is just as sharp.  For the price point this knife can be used and abused, sharpened and then used and abused again, day in and day out.

Sharpen, repeat and do it again!

What I Did Not Like About The Kershaw Needs Work Knife:

This is not a collectors knife – it’s a job site beater.    There’s not much not not to like when you consider the Kershaw quality of this knife.  Quality from a durability standpoint with the stainless blade, heavy duty pivot, and nylon handle and of course the blade assist.  The belt clip is a utility clip that does not reverse, but can be removed.

While I found the knife a bit bulky, in retrospect, I ended up appreciating the handle size because it ensured a firm grip and no slippage.  In my opinion there is no better job site knife!


  • Blade Length: 3 in.
  • Overall Length: 7 in.
  • Handle Length: 4 3/8 in.
  • Closed Length: 4.125″
  • Blade Material: Sandvik 14C28N Steel
  • Handle Material: Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Weight: 3.5 oz.
  • Pocket Clip: Yes
  • Made in the USA

How Much And Where To Buy It:

The Kershaw Needs Work Knife  sells for $39.75 online here:    Kershaw-Needs-Work-Knife-Sandvik-Stainless-Steel

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  3. Travis bennett

    Sorry to disagree but the needs work knife is way too nice to use on everyday usage. I have bought two of them and love them a lot. I have a Lansky sharpening kit to sharpen them, but would love to know the angle to sharpen. Great steel and a wonderful design

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