Kershaw MIXTAPE Model 2050 Folding Knife Review

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The Kershaw MIXTAPE 2050 Folding Knife Review

Kershaw MIXTAPE Model 2050

Manufacturer: Kershaw
Model number: 2050
Price: $27.54
Weight: 2.6 Ozs.

Let’s be clear. This is not your good times mix you used to play in your Firebird on a Saturday night. But it is just as AWESOME! Kershaw is a manufacturer of high quality knives that offers styles that fit all budgets and tastes. The new MIXTAPE model #2050 folding knife is one of their latest offerings and is an incredibly affordable, compact, and a capable little every day carry knife! No it will not fit in your tape deck. But the MIXTAPE is right at home in your pocket!

Kershaw MIXTAPE EDC Folding Knife

While it won’t fit in your tape deck, the MIXTAPE from Kershaw is right at home in your pocket!

Features and Specifications of the MIXTAPE

  • Weight: 2.6 Ozs.
  • Overall Length: 7.25″
  • Closed Length: 4.1″
  • Blade Length: 3.1″
  • Handle Material: Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Blade Steel: 8Cr13MoV
  • Blade Finish: Stonewashed
  • Pocket Clip: Single Position (Right, Tip-Up)
  • Lock Type: Inset Liner Lock

Kershaw MIXTAPE EDC Folding Knife Blade

First Impressions of the Kerhsaw MIXTAPE

The blade profile of the MIXTAPE is what immediately drew me to the design. The long sweeping edge has plenty of belly for slicing cuts. The tip is down swept and provides extra strength and durability. Kershaw refers to this as a reverse tanto, however similar blades are often referred to as sheepsfoot. The beveled back edge and stonewashed finish give it a really clean look.

The blade steel Kershaw used is 8Cr13MoV. This steel is not a super steel by any means. But when properly heat treated it is reasonably tough and will resist corrosion and maintain an edge. Speaking of the edge! Kershaw is renowned for putting razor sharp edges on their knives straight from the factory. The MIXTAPE is no exception. Out of the box the knife was hair shaving sharp and I easily sliced magazine paper and other materials.

Kershaw MIXTAPE Factory Sharpness

The Kershaw MIXTAPE is LIGHT!

By skeletonizing the frame, using an inset liner lock, and designing a low profile pocket clip, Kershaw kept the overall profile of the MIXTAPE sleek and lightweight. The 2.6 Oz. total weight is almost unnoticeable in the pocket. The lack of a backspacer keeps the knife open and easy to wipe clean as well as cut weight.

Kershaw MIXTAPE EDC Folding Knife

The pocket clip is low profile and provides great retention in the pocket. While carrying the MIXTAPE it never came loose or fell from my pocket, but I did not have to wrestle it out either. The tension seemed just right and would give enough for thicker material work pants. Kershaw decided to integrate the clip design through the cutout in the handle of the blade and secure it between a backspacer.

Kershaw MIXTAPE EDC Folding Knife

This gives the MIXTAPE a streamlined look, but causes the blade to sit slightly higher in the pocket. Another downside to this is that the clip cannot be reversed. The MIXTAPE can only be carried on the right side with the tip up while folded.

The MIXTAPE’s Aesthetics- Form Before Function?

Like I said previously, I love the look of this knife! Kershaw included some nice aesthetic features such as a decorative pivot, a textured thumb disk, and also contrasting patterns on the handle material. These all add to the MIXTAPE’s eye catching and sleek design.

Kershaw MIXTAPE EDC Knife Texture

While using the knife I discovered that some of these features just don’t work well enough. The texture on the MIXTAPE needs to be more aggressive. I found my fingers slipping on the handle scales while using the knife and also while removing it from the pocket. Not something I want to worry about given how sharp it is. The MIXTAPE was slightly difficult to open using the thumb disk. After further review, this seems to be due to mainly my thick fingers and not the knife.

Kershaw MIXTAPE EDC Folding Knife

The Kershaw MIXTAPE is a Great Value!

Kershaw offers lines of knives to meet any budget. Their sister company Zero Tolerance offers models on a more high end scale and Crew Member Rob has had the chance to review some of their offerings which you can find here . The MIXTAPE is not a super high end offering, but that doesn’t make it a great value! It is produced in China and features materials and a blade steel that are value driven. Kershaw has the MIXTAPE listed with an MSRP of $43.99. But searching online I found the MIXTAPE for as cheap as $27.54 on Amazon. That is an incredible value! Check out the buy it now box for a link to that deal.

Final Thoughts on the Kershaw MIXTAPE

The Kershaw MIXTAPE folding knife is a blade with a lot of style and capability for not a lot of money. A sleek and very capable blade is combined with a low profile handle design that virtually disappears in the pocket. The handle could use more aggressive texturing and an ambidextrous clip, but for the money this is a great design! If you are reading this website, chances are pretty good that you have a knife in your pocket or several dozen rolling around in your truck right now. The Kershaw MIXTAPE folding knife would be a great upgrade for your every day carry that can accomplish a lot without spending a ton!

Kershaw MIXTAPE EDC Folding Knife

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