Hart Tape Measure Review

Hart Tape Measure Review

Hart Tool is a name many of you associate with quality hammers. They have been making quality hammers since 1983 and continue this tradition today. Under new ownership they have also recently started expanding the brand into other tool categories while maintaining the same level of quality they are known for. We have extensively tested the new clamp lines as well as a number of their hammers and have been pleased with the results. The newest tool to enter the fold is a line of Hart tape measures. This line has been in Australia for a bit but is new to North America.Hart Tape Measure -8

Features and Specifications

  • Double magnetic hook – direct measurement from the magnet without the need to add or subtract.
  • Slowdown brake – avoids to kick back when blade retracts.
  • Rubbered bimaterial case with wire belt clip
  • Matte finish nylon coating – blade lasts up to 10 times longer compared with a lacquered coated blade.
  • Vertically oriented numbers on back of blade – perfect for vertical measurements.
  • Architect scale on back of blade – both 1/4″ and 1/8″ per foot scales make field verifications a snap.
  • Wire belt clip – easily slips onto pants pocket or tool pouch and won’t tear them up.
  • Available in 16′ and 25′ lengths

In Use

Hart Tape Measure -2A tape measure is one of those tools where you can use it for about 5 minutes and make a judgement on how it is going to work for you. For many of us contractors, the tape measure may as well be an extension of our hand… that’s how it feels anyway. The Hart tape measure was comfortable in hand right out of the package. The spring tension is darn near perfect and the numbers and tick marks are very easy to read.

While the common features of the tape were easily evaluated, some of the advanced ones took a little getting used to. The blade brake in particular I thought was gimmicky at first but after getting used to it, it’s now second nature and it works really well. The second feature is the numbers on the back of the tape. I didn’t think I would need them but as I got used to using the tape I find myself flipping the tape to the back every time I make a vertical measurement. No more tilting the head slightly to read sideways numbers. It’s not a fancy feature but I use it a lot more than I thought I would.

Quick Video

Final Thoughts

These are not released in the North American market yet but keep checking your local Home Depot for the Hart tape measure. When you see it, pick it up, hold it in your hand, and extend the blade a few times. Make that snap judgment to how it feels. I’m betting you like it. Then take a gander at the price tag, $11 for the 16 foot and $13 for the 25 and you’ll like it even more.

Hart Tape Measures

Hart Tape Measure -9

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