Hart Hammers Review

Hart Hammers Lineup Including Hickory, Steel & Fiberglass

It seems that hammers have been reborn in this Country over the last year. We’ve seen major improvements and offerings from nearly all the manufacturers of hammers. Today is no exception as I introduce you to an entire lineup of hammers from Hart Hand Tools. They sent us one of their hickory and steel hammers to check out and we think you’re going to love them.

Key Features

  • Angled Face Design drives nails more efficiently with every swing
  • Innovative Side Nail Strike is perfect for driving nails in tight spaces, such as between studs
  • Side Nail Pull offers enough leverage to remove 16d nails in one fluid motion.
  • Thumb Indent for a better grip and maximum control on a precision strike
  • Magnetic Nail Set for duplex and standard framing nails

Quality Materials & Great Features

In a super competitive world of tools the name of the game these days is quality products that offer great features at a reasonable price. Hart hammers have got that figured out!

This entire lineup of hammers are built from some great materials made to last through thick and thin of construction. Once you pick up one of their hammers you’ll quickly realize they are built to last. Whether it’s the Grade A hickory version or the steel shaft I was very impressed.

The Hart hammers also offer all the latest and greatest in hammer features. I’ve become a huge fan of the side nail pull and the magnetic nail sets and can’t imagine a good hammer without them today.

The Hart Lineup

As you can see above Hart has created an extensive lineup of hammers. These hammers will be available starting this month in select Home Depot stores as well as online at HomeDepot.com (not all of them appear online yet). The lineup includes:

  • Hickory – 18 oz., Smooth Strike Face, Straight Handle – Buy Online
  • Hickory – 21 oz., Smooth Strike Face, Straight Handle – Buy Online
  • Hickory – 21 oz., Milled Strike Face, Curved Handle
  • Hickory – 21 oz., Milled Strike Face, Straight Handle
  • Hickory – 23 oz., Milled Strike Face, Straight Handle – Buy Online
  • Hickory – 25 oz., Milled Strike Face, Curved Handle – Buy Online
  • Steel – 21 oz., Milled Strike Face – Buy Online
  • Steel – 25 oz., Smooth Strike Face – Buy Online
  • Fiberglass – 21 oz., Milled Strike Face


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  1. Randall

    Made in China I guess……

  2. matt

    i like the features on the hammers very inovative

  3. Schummie

    Great tools from Hart

  4. Luke Taylor

    I always wanted a really good hammer so I went out and purchased one 5- 6 years ago. The rubber end piece on the handles fell off about 18 months ago. I recently took it back to Bunnings who showed it to the sales rep who said it was not cover by the limited life time warranty as I don’t have the receipt. I purchased what I thought was a really good hammer that was going to last me a life time and a home handy man. What a load of rubbish. Anyway, I have now purchased an Estwing hammer which I should have done in the first place.

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