DEWALT 12 oz MIG Weld Hammer Review

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DEWALT expands popular MIG Weld Hammer Line

DEWALT MIG Weld Hammer DWHT51135

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DWHT51135
Price: $39.99
Weight: 12 ounces
This September DEWALT released new and improved versions of their MIG Weld Hammers and has expanded the line with some new offerings as well. Here at Tool Box Buzz we’ve been swinging the DWHT51135 12 ounce smooth face nailer.

Despite the simplicity of the Hammer, companies like DEWALT have made some serious innovations to continue improve this straight forward tool. The 14 and 15 oz MIG Weld Hammer’s have been dominant on the belts of carpenters since there release. DEWALT has expanded with this line by tweaking the design and increasing their offerings of weights and styles.

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The DWHT51135 12 ounce smooth face nailer showcases the lines new features quite well, so let’s take a closer look at this hammer in this Tool Box Buzz DEWALT 12 oz MIG Weld Hammer Review.



  • 12 oz weight for faster swing and minimized fatigue
  • All steel design for durability and long life
  • Magnetic nail started for easy one handed nail placement
  • Redesigned claw for nail pulling
  • Reengineered curved shaped shaft for increased strength
  • Vibration absorbing grip minimizes damaging vibrations and fatigue


Expanded Line

  • 14 ounce checkered face framer DWHT51138 (approximate retail $49.99)
  • 14 ounce smooth face framer DWHT51145 (approximate retail $49.99)
  • 12 ounce smooth face nailer DWHT51135 (approximate retail $39.99)
  • 10 ounce hickory handle nailer DWHT51260 (approximate retail $34.99)

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The strike on the DEWALT 12 oz MIG Weld Hammer is impressive for such a lightweight hammer and the smooth face has made this an all purpose hammer for me. Light and gentle for finish work yet provides the strike force appropriate for many framing applications.

The vibration absorbing grip is also quite a surprise, between the weight of the tool and the clean strike it feels like you’re not doing any work, but those nails drive super easy. Additionally, I’ve had instances where my co-workers complain they couldn’t drive nails deeper into metallic strapping or hangers with their bulky framing hammers, but I was able to put so much oomf behind my swing, due to the super light weight, that I was able to drive those suckers home.

Another reason I love this hammer, especially in framing applications, is how it saves me weight on my belt while I’m climbing ladders, crawling on roofs, and just carrying myself around the job-site. The additional 40 lbs I carry on my body is mitigated by the feather weight hammer on my side!

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Overall impression

This is an amazing improvement to an already rock solid hammer from DEWALT and we love it! And we think the folks at DEWALT knew we would…

“Pros loved the first generation of our Mig weld hammers. We are excited that our engineers were able to deliver innovation by reducing the weight of each hammer compared to the original model while still maintaining their existing strike force.”

Director of Product Management Tom Chang isn’t the only one that’s excited about these Hammers. We highly recommend you pick up one of these hammers for your framing belt or get the 12 ounce for the perfect multi-purpose hammer!

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