Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

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Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

Fiskars Pro recently added some new splitting mauls to their IsoCore line of tools. For this review I took a swing at the new 36″ 6.0 Lbs. maul and also the mini 14″ 2.5 Lbs. maul. I chose to test these models as opposed to one of their renowned sledge hammers because I am a big oaf who likes to smash things. In all seriousness though, I realized that if the Fiskars Pro IsoCore mauls can make me want to go out and swing a hammer on my own time then they would be home runs.  They did not disappoint! The IsoCore line gives superior balance and head design with a shock resistant handle that’s a breeze to swing.

Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls

Features and Specifications

  • IsoCore Shock Control handle system
  • Optimized blade geometry for log splitting
  • Flat sledge hammer face for driving wedges or striking
  • Tool head is riveted directly to the handle
  • Forged, heat-treated, steel heads
  • Weight: 6 Lbs. / 20.5 Lbs.
  • Length: 36″ / 14″
  • Warranty: Full Lifetime

Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

Standout Features of the IsoCore Splitting Mauls

Shock Resistant Handle

Fiskars Pro engineers handles for striking tools that are incredibly shock absorbing and comfortable to use. The IsoCore line of tools has a dual layer polymer handle system that lightens the overall weight of the tool yet still absorbs the majority of the felt vibration during use. This is not just a marketing gimmick, it actually does this. I have always used a wood handled tool for splitting hardwood logs for firewood. After using the Fiskars model I notice drastically less fatigue to my entire upper body and have no issues using the maul for longer periods of time.

The lighter weight also equates to better energy transfer. Both the 6 and 2.5 Lbs. maul hit hard. Splitting larger rounds of hardwood feels easy with both of these tools. The smaller 2.5 Lbs. model was even easy to swing one handed when splitting kindling or smaller rounds.

Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

The Fiskars Pro IsoCore 36″ 6 lbs. splitting maul compared to a traditional wood handled Big Ox.

Ergonomic Grip

Both of the Fiskars Pro offerings feature an ergonomic handle that is well thought out for splitting wood or other striking tasks. The handle is an oblong shape as opposed to rounded to prevent rolling in the hand. Generous orange rubber overmold covers the lower third of the handle and provides excellent grip. Splitting without gloves even in the hot summer weather was no issue and I did not notice any hot spots or blistering.

The bottom of the handle features a flared pommel to keep the tool anchored in your hand. This added flared portion is really noticeable when extending the tool out fully for a full power swing. It does a great job of securing it in your hands.

Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

Outstanding Head Design and Geometry

Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

Splitting New England hardwood can sometimes be challenging while working by hand. The blade geometry and head design of the IsoCore mauls absolutely dominated every species of wood I threw at it. The head geometry resembles a hollow grind found on knives. The rear side of the head features a wide flat striking surface that is excellent for driving wedges.

Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

Here you can see the more curved and efficient angle design of the Fiskars Pro compared to a more traditional maul.

The head is directly riveted to the handle and is rock solid with no play. Even after repeated use, both tools developed zero play. Solid construction such as this is a an extremely desirable feature in a tool that you plan on swinging with all your might. Fiskars also included a rubber overmolded section at the base of the head to act as an over swing bumper. This helps to further protect an already rugged head and handle design.

Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

Price and Availability

Fiskars full line of striking tools is available now at retailers and online. I have seen the sledge hammer models at my local lumber yards and home centers as well as outdoor and gardening centers. The IsoCore mauls will be available from these vendors as well. Currently our friends at ACME Tools are stocking the full line up. Follow the Buy It Now link below to purchase directly from ACME.

Fiskars Pro IsoCore 6 and 2.5 pound Splitting Mauls
$59.99 / $49.99

The 6 Lbs. model retails for $59.99 and the smaller 2.5 Lbs. model is listed at $49.99. Overall I think both tools offer an excellent value. While the price tag may be higher than what many people are used to, the capability is exceptional of the entire Fiskars Pro IsoCore line.

Overall Impressions of the Fiskars Pro Splitting Mauls

I was very excited to receive these two tools from Fiskars to test out and they absolutely lived up to my expectations. They are comfortable, rugged, and durable, yet have refined design elements you wouldn’t expect from a striking tool. These are not heirloom quality hand forged masterpieces, but you get a lot of capability and performance. I fully expect the IsoCore handles to be long term use tools and hold up better over time than a traditional wood handle while being more comfortable and ergonomic than a comparable nylon or fiberglass handle.

One issue I found was the head steel was a little prone to rust and corrosion. Again, not something I am overly concerned with on a tool like this but it is worth mentioning. Some 220 grit sandpaper and WD-40 easily fixed this.

Fiskars Pro IsoCore Splitting Mauls Review

Overall if you split wood by hand or are looking for a comfortable striking tool in general, that won’t wreck you back and shoulders, the Fiskars Pro IsoCore line is worth taking a look at. When something needs to be smashed into oblivion, except no substitutes.

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  1. Kate

    Hi there,
    Can you tell me why to choose one over the other? I’m not very tall and do not have a ton of upper body strength, so the smaller tool seems appropriate, but I’m guessing the larger one will have the advantage of momentum in doing the work. I am only splitting small wood–my firewood gets delivered in pretty large logs and I need to break some of them up into smaller starter wood and kindling. Am I better off with the 2.5 or 6 lb tool?


    1. Todd Fratzel

      Kate – It really comes down to comfort. If you can swing a large one that’s great and it will work better. But if that larger one is a struggle, then it becomes dangerous and more likely you could hurt yourself.

    2. Wes Bartosik


      If you are concerned about fatigue and only breaking down pre-cut logs, then the 28″ splitting axe may be the right tool for you. I have one and it works great. The 2.5 lbs. hatchet does get fatiguing over time using one hand. The 6lbs. maul is likely overkill for you.

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