Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge Hammer

Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge HammerFiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge Hammer Review

Sledgehammers have been around for a log time and are a must tool in my remodeling arsenal. There are many times where I find myself fetching the “Beg Hammer” from my trailer. A few of the situations that I rely on a sledgehammer for are:

  1. Concrete Slab Removal: A sledgehammer is used to break up concrete by cracking it. Repeated use of the sledgehammer will slowly, but surely break the concrete.
  2. Sump Pump Installation: I sometimes find my self breaking up a basement floor to install a sump pump. The combination of several drilled holes and the brute force form a sledgehammer makes small work out of sump pit slab removal.
  3. Stake Driving: Driving stakes, rebar and marking pipe is always easier with a large sledgehammer.
  4. Home Demolition: A sledgehammer can be used to destroy nearly anything that you put in its way. Many contractors will use a sledgehammer smash up a porcelain and cast iron tub.
  5. Removing Exterior Masonry Walls: Removing masonry walls can be easy pickings with a few well-placed strikes from a sledgehammer.
  6. Framing and Beam installation: There are so many times where I use a sledge hammer to “nudge” a beam, wall, jack post or framing member into position.

Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge HammerFiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge Hammer Review

The Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge Hammer is a rugged, demo hammer that comes with a 36” long handle and an 10-pound head. This tool weighs 13.4 pounds and carries some heft.

The handle is probably what I noticed first with the Fiskars.   It is super comfortable to grip and flares at the end, to ensure your hand does not slip off.  The grip has a soft, rubber like grip material and has nicely placed texturing helps to improve user grip. The handle has large dimples where fingers index and small dimples where the palm rests to help prevent blisters. It is certainly well designed ergonomically.

Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge HammerThe BUSINESS End!

The next think I noticed, and really liked, was the striking head of the Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge Hammer.  First of all it ha two striking surfaces giving you striking and demo options.

On one side is an extra large striking surface for smashing things and hitting your target. This is the largest striking surface I’ve ever seen on a sledge hammer, and I have to admit, I like it!  for you folk who constantly miss your target – you’ll certainly appreciate the extra-large diameter driving face and be able to brag about your improved striking accuracy!

Yesterday I used the sledge to set some site stakes and a galvanized property line pipe.  The hammer swings well, but the head is where its all at! Large and in charge.

I took some comparison strikes with my old Hickory handled sledge and there was definitely a BIG difference in handle vibration.  The Fiskars hammer had significant reduction in vibration.

Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge Hammer

The opposite end of this hammer head has a wedged shaped demolition face for concentrated strike.  This wedge shape places all of the striking force at the wedge tip and transfers it ruthlessly to the target. The wedge shaped angles direct debris to the sides, not back at your face.

A solid rivet like bolt is mounted on the side of the head ensuring that the head stays attached to the handle.

Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge HammerFiskars Vibration Technology

The Fiskars IsoCore 10 lb Sledge Hammer has a patented IsoCore™ Shock Control System that absorbs strike shock and vibration to reduce fatigue and vibration. This is a huge plus over hickory handled or resin plastic type handled hammer.


At $64.99 this Fiskars-750620-1001-IsoCore-Sledge-Hammer is designed for demolition work and concrete busting and is going to be in your tool arsenal for a long time. It’s a no-brainer for anyone in the construction, masonry or remodeling business.

I want two!



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