Empire e55 Series True Blue I-Beam Level

Empire True Blue e55 Series I-Beam Level Review

Straight, Square and Smooth -That’s what my shop teacher used to say to us! What he really should have been telling us is Level, Plumb and Square. Although he taught us a lot in class, the real learning happened on the job and continues each day.

Like when I was an apprentice and I sent to the tool trailer for a “Liquid Magnet.” A fools errand yes, but to save face, I came back with a magnetic spirit level! Made sense to me!

Empire e55 Series True Blue I-Beam Level

Levels in Trades

Levels are an important tool in my industry and I use them in all phases of residential constructional and remodeling. Maybe that’s why my newsletter is named “On The Level!”

Spirit Levels

The Spirit Level was invented in 1661 and later got its name from the mineral spirit solution inside the vials. Early spirit levels had very slightly curved glass vials filled with, a colored mineral spirit or alcohol, which left a bubble in the tube.
The reason for using alcohol, like ethanol, was for lower viscosity and surface tension, which allows the bubble to travel the tube quickly and settle accurately with minimal interference with the glass surface. Alcohols also have a much wider temperature range, and won’t break the vial as water could due to ice expansion.

Empire e55 Series True Blue I-Beam Level

Using Levels – Accurate – Durable – High Visibility

I’ve used several brands of levels over the years, accuracy and durability are important to me. I recently started paying attention to Empire e55 Series I-beam Levels.  They are available in three sizes: 24” – 48” – 72.”

Empire e55 Series True Blue I-Beam Level Features

For almost 100 years, Empire has been a leading designer of levels and layout tools earning the trades trust and loyalty. PLUS – their levels are made in the USA!

Empire uses a high quality, blue colored, aluminum frame for their I-beam e55 Series. The levels are equipped with impact resistant end caps.

The levels construction is flawless, the accuracy is guaranteed to be “perfect,” and the high contrast vial surrounds and high impact acrylic e-Band vials are well placed and visible from many angles.

Empire’s e-Band™ vials include patented blue-bands to maximize bubble meniscus visibility and are accurate to within .0005″ per in. in all working positions.

A top-read, window is cut into the I-beam for clear overhead viewing & has built-in molded grip.


Empire Magnetic and Non-magnetic Models

Empire levels come in both magnetic and non-magnetic models, both in three sizes. [24,” 48,’ and 72”]

Magnetic models include a high-strength continuous magnetic edge which provides users maximum holding power for level and plumbing applications such as:

• door frames
• steel studs ferrous pipe
• other common metal-working applications

What’s in the Future for Empire?

These I-Beam Levels are the first generation product, the next upgrades Empire will be launching will be later this year. They plan to expand into more advanced-layout solutions.

Think you might need a new level?

There is a painless test to check your level for accuracy;

1. Place the level on a flat surface.
2. Make one mark at the end of the level.
3. Make another mark along the side of the level, under the vial in the center.
4. Take a reading of the bubble’s position.
5. Rotate the level 180° end-to-end and align the level with your marks.
6. Take another reading. If the level is accurate, the bubble will be in the same position for both readings.
7. To test the vertical vial, follow the same procedure against a flat vertical surface.

Empire e55 Series True Blue I-Beam Level

Empire e55 Series True Blue I-Beam Level Pricing


E55.24 24″ True Blue® I-Beam Level $ 18.99
E55.48 48″ True Blue® I-Beam Level $ 26.99
E55.72 72″ True Blue® I-Beam Level $ 49.99


EM55.24 24″ True Blue® Magnetic I-Beam Level $ 20.99
EM55.48 48″ True Blue® Magnetic I-Beam Level $ 29.99
EM55.78 78″ True Blue® Magnetic I-Beam Level $ 54.99

Empire e55 Series True Blue I-Beam Level Video Review

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