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Diamondback Tool Belt Denali Rig Review

Diamondback Toolbelts Denali Set

Manufacturer: Diamondback
Model number: Denali
Price: $355.00
Power source: -
Motor size: -
Weight: 5.85Lbs.

Most carpenters consider their tool belt as an extension of their body.  It’s where these craftsman keep their tools that help them complete their day to day tasks.  Every tool has it’s own home within our tool belts and we can reach down and grab them without even looking.  As with all of our tools, tool belts can take quite the beating on job sites day in and day out.  Diamondback Toolbelts have developed a belt that can definitely outstand the rigors of the construction world.  When they asked us if we wanted to try out their Diamondback Tool belt, Denali Toolbelt Set, we couldn’t resist. 


Diamondback Tool Belt – First Look

As soon as I pulled the Diamondback Tool belt Denali Set out of the box, I could tell this was a belt that was built with longevity and durability in mind.  The Denali set includes the Diamondback Belt, Elias Pouch, and the Wrangell Pouch.  An optional hammer holder and flat bar holder can also be added.  The Denali set includes a total of 13 pouches and 4 holders.  I was extremely impressed with how the Denali set felt when wearing it.  It sits very comfortably along your sides, doesn’t feel bulky and sat nice and close to my body, without sacrificing storage.  All of the pouches are easy to grab without having to bend over or reach for. 

Dupont Cordura

Diamondback constructs their tool belts out of a product called Cordura, made by Dupont.  Cordura is a collection of fabrics, mostly nylon, which are woven together to form a strong durable material.  It is often found on backpacks, and luggage.  It is also heavily used in the U.S. Military.  Most of the military’s gear specs are based on Cordura brand specifications.  It is known for it’s resistance to tears, abrasions, and scuffs. 


Diamondback uses a triple layer sandwich type construction with the Cordura for all of their pouches.  I tested the belt in the remodeling setting.  Some of the tasks I completed while wearing the Denali Set were finish trim, hardwood flooring, framing, and a major demolition project.  The Diamondback Denali set made it through all of these tasks without a flaw.  I couldn’t find any tearing, pulled threads, or scratches on it.  One great feature I love about the Cordura fabric is that it is water resistant.  This makes it very easy to rinse off and keep clean.  The belt design of the Denali is new from Diamondback this year.  It features an all nylon outer layer, keeping Diamondbacks theme of long lasting and durability in play.


Elias Pouch

The Elias Pouch is a great pouch for the small tools.  It features a total of 6 pouches plus a pouch that’s perfect for nail sets.  It also has two holders attached.  I used the smaller holder for a small cat’s paw.  The main part of the Elias Pouch includes a pocket for your tape measure or chalk line, speed square holder, and three other open pouches that are perfect for tools like your knife, pliers, torpedo level, and small chisels.  The last pouch on the Elias features a velcro cover.  I found this pouch to be the best spot for my cell phone.  It is big enough to fit a large smartphone with a case on it.  My Elias Pouch is right side oriented and that’s where I keep my hammer holder as well.   

Wrangell Pouch

The Wrangell Pouch also features six pouches plus two holders.  It has the same pocket near the top as the Elias which is perfect for your tape measure or chalk line.  The upper most pocket is a drill holder.  I am able to comfortably fit an 18V impact gun with an extension attached with no issues.  The gun fits with no movement or risk of it falling out.  The next pocket down has three slots in it which are perfect for screwdrivers, trim bars, or chisels.  The last three pockets are open pouches that are perfect for your screws, nails, and other fasteners.  The Wrangell Pouch also features the same small and large holders as the Elias Pouch.

I attached the optional flat bar holder to the Wrangell Pouch.  This is a great way to comfortably carry a flat bar without having to worry about it scratching finished materials with it sticking out of a regular pouch.


Belt/ Cobra Quick Release Clip

Diamondback has designed their belts to provide proper back support and to evenly distribute the weight of the belt on your waist.  Diamondback’s new design for 2017 features a Nylon outer layer with a Weathermax inner layer.  It is the middle of summer here in New England with those long hot and humid days and I never felt like the feel of the belt on my waist was uncomfortable. 

The belt also features pre-attached loops to connect a set of suspenders to.  The pouches attach to the belt by using a velcro latch system that Diamondback claims is rated for 675Lbs.  This quick release system makes it very simple to interchange pouches with the same belt. 

The Denali Set also has an option of getting the Cobra Quick Release Clip.  It is an all metal clip that simply clicks together, similar to a seatbelt.   To unclip it you simply squeeze the two latches together.  This feature makes the Diamondback belt super easy to take on and off.

Hammer Holder

I used to always keep my hammer on the back of my old rig in the center of my back. The optional hammer holder (which I highly recommend on purchasing) keeps the hammer on the front of your pouch, therefore, making it easier to grab and place back in to the pouch.  Having the hammer holder on the front also reduces on twisting motions needed to reach around for your hammer.  Furthermore, for those guys and gals that like to carry a second hammer or small rubber mallet, there are a total of three spots on the Denali Set that can hold a hammer.


When I say the hunt for a comfortable toolbelt is over, I mean it.  I tested the Diamondback Toolbelts Denali Set with the 6 inch belt, and it is by far the best belt I have worn to date. 

Diamondback  offers different options for the Denali Set that you can choose from to make this rig exactly the way you want it.  With the belt, you can choose the size that fits you best, thickness of the belt, color, and the buckle.  Once you have your belt squared away, you can choose which side you want each pouch to be positioned for.  Like the belt, you have the option of four colors, black, red, blue, and ranger green. 

There is also an option to upgrade your pouches to the XL size.  Diamondback states on their website that the XL pouches are about one inch wider at the base than the standard pouches.  You can also add on the optional hammer and flat bar holders, and suspenders. 

Overall Impression

I’m giving the Diamondback Toolbelts Denali Set 5 stars.  I am very pleased with the performance of the Denali Set and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great rig that has plenty of options for tool storage.  There wasn’t a single time where I felt like it was in my way or to bulky to be wearing.  Weighing in at only 5.85 Lbs. empty, it is an extremely comfortable belt to wear.  The belt itself sat perfectly on my hips and has just enough support in the lower back to not feel like it’s straining you all day.  I did not test the Denali Set with a pair of suspenders but I’m sure they would make this belt feel weightless.  There aren’t any spots in either pouch that weren’t reachable at any time. 


You can purchase the Diamondback Toolbelts Denali Set starting at $355.00 on Diamondback’s  website. Note – The tool rig [set] that we reviewed with add-on options costs $440.

Final Thoughts

If you have been searching for a comfortable tool belt that features plenty of storage and long lasting durability then stop here and go get yourself a Diamondback Toolbelt.  I honestly could not find any downfall to the Diamondback Denali Toolbelt Set.  My only word of advice for a future purchaser is if you carry quite a few tools during your work day, invest in the suspenders to go with them.  The design of the belt matched with a set of suspenders will by far make the Denali Set the most comfortable tool belt you have owned.  

Diamondback Toolbelts Denali Set

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  1. Bob johnson

    I’ve got one of these, and I’m going back to occidental. I waited for about 5 months to get mine, then what they shipped me was obviously a first run product. I’ve got the older buckle, and it doesn’t stay tight. When I inquired about a new buckle, they responded with shipping the belt back to them (at my cost), then they would install the new buckle and ship it back to me ($40…again my cost). They know the buckle is inferior but it will cost me about $50, not to mention the time I will be without the belt. I paid for a premium product with discount service. The material is durable, but the cost does not justify what they are.

  2. Jim North

    These people have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Short, rude and argumentative responses from both the service manager and the owner himself.

    Need something replaced? You’ll pay inflated shipping every way you can. For a premium-priced product brand experience is usually top notch…not with Diamondback. I will never give them my business and will tell everyone I work with not to buy from these clowns.

    Owners last name is Crook and he is a former lawyer…go figure…

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