Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker

Dewalt DWHt75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer TackerDewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Staple Hammer

Dewalt has been releasing some exciting new tools lately. One particular area that we’ve seen a lot of innovation in is their Perform and Protect feature. Depending on the tool, this feature is designed to protect the user against dust inhalation, loss of control, and vibration.  The new Dewalt DWHT75900 carbon fiber hammer tacker is a tool that fits with its reduced user vibration.

The Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker has a carbon fiber structure and weighs 1.8 lbs. .

Dewalt claims that this stapler weighs 45% less than the Milwaukee 48-22-1020 version.

Dewalt DWHt75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker

Dewalt DWHT75900 Durability

The Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker was engineered to provide 450k Strike Cycles. That’s a lot of staples.

Dewalt DWHT75900 Operation

Most of the staple tackers I’ve used are heavy at the striking end. The DWHT75900, while larger than my current model, was lighter and so much easier to swing.

DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker

We first tested the DWHT75900 in the shop in both flat [workbench] and overhead [vertical] stapling applications. In the end, we installed approximately 200 staples, and found that it drove fasteners consistently flush, no jambs.

Like any tacker, angled strikes with this tacker will give you angled installed fasteners and mixed results.

Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker

Later, we took this to a jobsite project to install some housewrap – it worked flawless, no jambs.

Loading the Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker is easy. There is a release at the end of the handle that pinches and opens the staple carriage. The staples easily drop into the open slot. I liked that the carriage release mechanism is recessed at the bottom of the handle, protecting it from damage from bumps and drops.

Dewalt says the stapler features an “Auto-lock, AntiJam™ Pinch Latch.” I’m still not sure what this is, and assume it’s an internal anti-jam mechanism and fancy marketing term.

The back side of the tools head has a flat metal surface that I found worked great at sinking fasteners that did not drive in all the way. I’m not sure this is a feature that Dewalt purposely designed, but I found it way more convenient than pulling out my hammer.

Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker

Dewalt DWHT75900 Ergonomics

The DWHT75900 is 1.62 IN wide and 14.93 IN tall. It’s slightly longer than the Bostitch model I use, and certainly lighter.

Besides the fact that this carbon fiber tacker is super lightweight, it is super comfortable to use.  The rubberized handle is detailed after their hammer grip. The end of the grip is flared, almost like a California hammer style, to keep your hand from sliding off during operation.

The light weight, rubberized grip all help to absorb and reduce user vibration.

Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker

Dewalt DWHT75900 Fasteners

I used T50 9mm staples. The staple tacker installed the following heavy duty staples:

  • Dewalt staples
  • Stanley staples
  • TRA700 series staples
  • Arrow  / T50 staples

The DWHT75900 can handle the following staple sizes:

  • 5/16″
  • 3/8″
  • 1/2″

Overall Impression

I just found my new hammer tacker. I’m all about lighter, safer, faster and easier. The Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker fits that category and costs only $39.97.

Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker

Dewalt DWHT75900 Video Review

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  1. Greg McCarthy

    Did you compare this with the work horse of the industry the DuoFast HT 550?

    1. Ryan

      Since the first time I swung this thing and every subsequent swing there after I’ve regret my purchase. It jambs every time all the time without fail. It is by far the worst ever I’ve never used anything that was more incompetent. Every time I swing it into something I hope it will snap in half and I’ll have a good reason to buy another one. Would never recommend this could not recommend it do everything in my power to make sure no one I know buys one and I hope that they just continue it and bury it deep underground where the molten lava the Earth will melt this piece of you know what ended nothingness

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