Crescent Wiss Shears

Crescent Wiss Tradesman and Utility Shears

As a Pro contractor, my biggest complaint with shears has always been that they aren’t powerful, durable, or comfortable for repetitive cuts. As a result, I’ll use my utility knife but that’s NOT always the best tool for the job. Crescent Wiss Shears is about to change all that!

Wiss has been a leading name in shears since 1848. When you’ve been in business that long you tend to know your stuff. Crescent Wiss recently came out with a new line of ultra-durable shears for industrial and professional use.

The Crescent Wiss  Scissor and Shear lineup include:

  • Electrician/Data Scissors (CW5T) with integrated wire strippers, cable cutter, and a serrated outside edge for reaming knockouts and conduit
  • Utility Shear (CW7T) with a compact design (7.5”), a quick-release latch, and a serrated bottom blade for better control when cutting.
  • All-Purpose Scissors (CW812S) with precision blades, knife-like cutting edges and ambidextrous handle design
  • Professional Shear (CW10T) with titanium-coated blades for increased durability and a comfort-grip handle
  • Left-Handed Professional Shear (CW10TL) for southpaws
  • Tradesman Shear (CW10TM) with a full-metal body and titanium-coated blades for durability, as well as a serrated bottom blade for 10x the cutting power
  • Spring-Loaded Tradesman Shear (CW11TM) with the full-metal body for durability and quick-release latch for smooth usage

First Impression

I recently took a look at these two shears:

  • 10-inch shop shear CW10TM
  • 7-inch Utility shear CW7T

These Crescent Wiss shears are well-engineered, comfortable to use, and offer an impressive force-to-cut ratio. I remember liking them immediately when I first used them.

Crescent Wiss 10 in. Shop Shear CW10TM

The Shop shear CW10TM is heavy-duty, has precision-cut blades that cut things ordinary scissors can’t cut. This Crescent Wiss shop shear features full-length steel blades that extend through the handles for maximum strength.

These heavy-duty Tanto styles serrated blades have a titanium coating that is 3 times harder than steel for extra durability and longer blade life.

They have an adjustable pivot and ergonomic ring design to provide a comfortable grip and they easily cut paper, cardboard, heavy fabric, rope, leather, plastics, and more. The shop shear is a perfect shop or job site and I found it excelled in these cutting tasks:

  • Cutting landscape fabric
  • Cutting Tyvek
  • Cutting and fitting RAM board floor protection
  • Cutting plastic sheeting for dust containment walls
  • Cutting cardboard and shipping molded plastic
  • Cutting rope

Crescent Wiss 7-1/2″ Titanium Coated Utility Shears – W7T

The 7-1/2 inch utility shears are awesome and quickly found a home in my tool bags. I love their 6-ounce small size, but don’t let that fool you – these little shears pack a punch.  This shear has precision-engineered, knife-like steel blade edges that deliver AMAZING cutting power.

I found them useful for cutting things that require extra leverage, such as:

  • RAM board
  • Radiant flooring underlayment Schlueter Dita mats
  • Acoustimac Soundlock – Mass Loaded Vinyl soundproofing rolls
  • Lumberyard shipping straps

The Crescent Wis Utility Shears are spring-loaded, and I found that to be an integral part of its fatigue-reducing design. The serrated blades grip the materials and the spring returns to the shears to the open position making for more control, and less fatigue when repetitive cutting.  thumb latch locks the shears closed and it easily fits in my tool belt.


The Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears sells online at Ohio Powertool for: $ 15.00 and the Utility Shears sell for $12.99

Overall Impression

Time is money and who has time for cheap tools. The Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears are not cheap, their the real deal and in some situations are safer and faster than using your utility knife. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Highly recommended.





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