Bessey K Body Revo Jr. Clamp Review

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Bessey K Body Revo Jr. Clamps

Bessey K Body Revo Jr Clamps

Manufacturer: Bessey
Model number: K Body Revo Jr
Price: Prices Vary
Is there a limit to how many clamps you can have? There are those that may argue yes, but we believe it is impossible. The TBB gang believes that you can never have too much of anything. Our goal is to always have the correct tool for the job. Adding the Bessey K Body Revo Jr. Clamps to our cache of clamps was no exception.

Precision and long life are the brand attributes of Bessey Clamps, which is celebrating it’s 130th year in business. Bessey’s tools are made from the best quality materials, including BESSEY Präzisionsstahl, their own German manufacturer and industrial supplier of high-quality stainless steel. “If you don’t improve, you won’t be good.” Max Bessey’s credo is still true today and will be in the future, and it serves as the guiding concept for all the organization does.

Bessey K Body Revo Jr. Specifications

  • Up to 900 lbs clamp force
  • Jaws accurate at 90-degree angles
  • Sizes available from 12″ to 50″
  • Removable pressure caps for cleaning
  • Large clamp surface, wood grip handle

Who Can Benefit from Bessey Clamps?

Parallel jaw clamps are beneficial to cabinetmakers, carpenters, and woodworkers alike. They are perfect for clamping large surfaces without hurting the material because of their large parallel clamping deep jaws. The Bessey K Body Revo Jr. clamps are identical to the Bessey K Body Revo Clamps. The clamps can also clamp curved and circular surfaces that aren’t perfectly straight.

Any professional or amateur woodworker understands that having the appropriate equipment may mean the difference between a successful project and a tedious battle. Bessey has done it again with their K-Body Revo Jr, which is a faultless performer. High-quality, easy-to-use, and durable design, this clamp isn’t as fragile as some others.


We were asked to build a benchtop to cover the washing and dryer in a laundry room during a basement remodel. The 8′ long benchtop was created from 5/4″x6″ pine. We conducted the glue-up in two pieces, each three boards wide, after using the biscuit joiner. We clamped each section with the 24″ and 36″ clamps.

Once the two pieces were completely dried we glued them together again using biscuits and wood glue. This time switching over to the 36″ and 50″ clamps. The large 3-1/4″ jaw surface area is perfect for the 5/4″ material. The parallel clamping surfaces have removable jaw protection pads ideal for cleaning. These caps are resistant to glue, paint, and solvents.



Rail Protectors

The Bessey K Body REVO Jr clamps come with rail protectors which allow for separation of the rail to your workpiece and may eliminate any accidental glue mishaps.


Pricing and Where to Purchase

The Bessey K Body Revo Jr clamps can be purchased in several places, but the majority of supplies show Out of Stock. Some of the best pricing can be found at Acme Tools with these links here:

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  1. Edward Combs

    If they have wooden handles and only 900 lbs of force they are not the same??

  2. Richard

    I like the K body clamps. Seems there are a few different manufacturers. I look for the knurled edge on n the bars.

  3. Bessey’s previous design of the K Body parallel clamps were far superior to their latest version with all of its “improvements”. During glue ups, it’s too difficult to keep the bottom sliding jaw (and lock) from sliding back down the bar. The back of redesign jaw is now closed over with a plastic cover and the jaw lock can’t be easily set. I do not recommend the redesigned K Body Revo parallel jaw clamps.

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