Arrow T50 R.E.D. Staple Gun and Brad Nail Gun Review

Arrow T50 R.E.D.™ Professional Manual Staple Gun and 1″ Brad Nail Gun

Arrow Fastener Company just released the all new T50 R.E.D.™ Professional Manual Staple Gun and 1″ Brad Nail Gun. The T50 R.E.D.™ professional manual staple gun and 1” brad nail gun features U.S. patented drive technology that enables the user to set a staple or nail right on virtually any surface.

It also offers up to 40 percent more power than selective competitive products on the market, which makes it more versatile on the job site. Professionals and DIYers alike will really appreciate that the T50 R.E.D.™ staple gun is 50 percent easier to squeeze than the T50® staple gun, which results in much less fatigue so you can keep working longer. It’s also the only manual tacker capable of firing a 1” brad nail. The T50 R.E.D.™ staple gun complements the classic T50® staple gun, which will remain available in stores nationwide.

Our Review

The folks at Arrow sent us the all new T50 R.E.D.™ staple gun to test and evaluate. I’ve been using an Arrow staple gun since I was a kid helping my dad around the house so I was very curious to see what the excitement was all about.

They sent us the new T50 R.E.D.™ staple gun along with some 3/8″ staples and 1″ long brads to test. The new design includes an easy to use high/low power setting and the ability to drive 1″ long brads.

Manual Staple Gun

The manual staple gun feature really impressed me. First of all the trigger is much easier to squeeze compared to my old T50 stapler. Also the staples drive into harder surfaces with ease. As you can see in the photo above I was able to easily drive the 3/8″ long staples into engineered lumber without any trouble. The staple gun is very comfortable in your hand and easy to use.

Manual Brad Nail Gun

The brad nail gun wasn’t quite as impressive. As you can  see above I was not able to fully drive the 1″ long brads even in KD lumber. I tested several different wood species with similar results. This is certainly an interesting feature but one that I probably won’t use anytime soon.

Overall Impression

I was very impressed with the new T50 R.E.D.™ staple gun. Not only is the staple gun comfortable to use but it’s far more powerful and easier to operate. Even though the brad nail feature didn’t impress me I think the staple gun’s new improvements are definitely worth upgrading. Arrow has been a serious leader when it comes to staplers and I’m still a fan!

The new T50 R.E.D.™ staple gun will be available in stores this fall just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. Pick one up for your favorite handyman!

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  1. Bob C

    I have a very different view of the new RED staple gun from Arrow. After trying two of the guns I will not try another. The gun is very powerful and can flush drive a 9/16″ staple into hard pine very nicely. However, I had a some problems with the gun. I had many miss-fires when shooting into all materials. I believe the weak spring used to advance the staples might be to blame here. My guns were also very hard to open and fill with staples. The release did not operate properly. Third was when shooting into hardboard with 1/2″ staples some drove all the way in and some stood proud of the surface, making it necessary to use the hammer. The last thing was the firing handle would come out of the socket when using it and need to be relocated back in place. All time consuming and frustrating.

    I am still looking for a better solution. Maybe the Duo Fast CS-5000?

    1. Thomas T.

      Bob, I too have the same problem with misfires using 9/16″ staples. Size isn’t an issue, as you point out. All staples load at same depth, so I, too, am blaming the misfires on inadequate spring tension. Also taking back to H D Tomorrow.

      I too am very disappointed in this gun. I counted 30 misfires in a row at one time and I had only had the gun for 5 Minutes out of the package.

      I have not tried the nails.

  2. Paula

    I am also very disappointed and am taking mine back. I dont know anything about why it doesnt work, but that is the bottom line- it doesnt work. I paid a little extra for this gun because I thought I was getting quality. Ha! It consistantly misfires, there is a problem with the staples not driving in all the way and the release to reload the staples was very difficult. VERY fustrating when you are trying to get a project done!

    1. Douglas

      I too had a disappointing experience with this Arrow Stable gun. It always misfired, close to 95% of the time. Until I squirted a little powdered Graphite lubricant into the stable magazine. Now it works 99% of the time. Now I like my Arror Stable Gun!!!!

      1. Todd Fratzel

        Thanks for sharing that tip Doug!

  3. Jonathan

    Mine did not work out of the box. No way that the loading spring is remotely strong enough to advance the staples to the firing mechanism– this product is flat out completely defective, straight out of the packaging.

  4. Tom

    This thing is a useless P-O-Sh!t,
    From the day I purchased it, I’ve had nothing but miss fires and jam ups.
    If you’re considering buying this over priced failure, do yourself a favour and buy a cheaper Stanley or the likes there of…
    Rating out of Ten -100

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