Senco Brad Nailer Giveaway

Senco F-18 Brad Nailer Giveaway

This month we’re working with the folks at Senco to giveaway a F-18 Brad Nailer! The Senco FN55AX Cordless Brad Nailer uses a patented technology that uses a sealed gas chamber and the power or a cordless battery. These nailers are extremely versatile and easy to use because there’s no need for gas cartridges like some of the other cordless nailers on the market.

Senco F-18 FN55AX Features

  • F-18_sDrives 18-gauge 5/8” – 2-1/8” galvanized slight head and medium head straight strip brads
  • Uses an 18V Lithium Ion Battery
  • Has a selectable drive switch allowing you to switch between sequential and bump-fire modes
  • LED light on the nose for visibility while working
  • Easy-to-use thumbwheel for depth of drive
  • E-Z Clear feature
  • Weighs 6 lbs.
  • 2 year warranty on tool / 1 year on battery

Senco Fusion Technology

The heart of Senco’s cordless nailers is their patented Fusion Technology. According to Senco, Fusion Technology “combines pneumatic power with cordless convenience”.  The technology uses a sealed nitrogen gas cylinder which stores up energy.  When the trigger is pulled the energy is released to push a piston which drives the nail.  Then the motor turns and resets the piston.  So what does this mean to you?  No gas cartridges.  Convenience of a cordless tool.  Senco’s patented “reflex-shot” design means you can drive the nail instantly when the trigger is pulled.  There is not the lag time normally associated with cordless nailers.


How To Enter For A Chance To Win!

Wouldn’t you love to own this great cordless nailer? Well one of our lucky readers is going to have it shipped to them for free and entering is really easy. Please read carefully so you can benefit from as many entries as possible.

In order to enter this giveaway you must follow the instructions below:

  1. Leave a comment telling us what project you’d use this nailer for.
  2. Enter your information in the entry form at bottom of this page

Extra Entries:

If you would like to increase your chances to win with EXTRA entries. I allow five extra entry points for each one or of the following. [Note – repetitive entries with different email address will be deleted]

1. “LIKE” Senco on Facebook

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3. Follow ToolBoxBuzz on Twitter and Tweet the giveaway and tag the following:

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Fine Print

Entries must be received by 11:59 PM EST on August 31, 2014. The winner will be announced on September 1, 2014.

Only residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible. One entry per household. Spam entries will not be counted. Spam entries are determined at the sole discretion of Front Steps Media.


About the author

Todd Fratzel

Todd Fratzel is the Editor of Tool Box Buzz and the President of Front Steps Media, LLC, a web based media company focused on the Home Improvement and Construction Industry.He is also the Principal Engineer for United Construction Corp., located in Newport, NH. In his capacity at United he oversees the Residential and Commercial Building Division along with all Design-Build projects.He is also the editor of Home Construction & Improvement.

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  1. Mike Malone

    Looks like an awesome tool!

  2. CrystalGB

    Bathroom remodel

  3. Sue D

    We have major remodeling and building to do on our property–this would come in handy.

  4. Lon Knoedler

    I would use the Senco nailer for cabinet making. Shooting a brad when joining plywood where a little help is needed along with glue would be a welcome application in my shop. Occasionally a face frame needs a little help too.

  5. kurt kidder

    This would really help with remodeling my kitchen, not having to drag the hose around.

  6. Blake

    I would love to use this when adding trim pieces around the house as breaking out the air compressor for one small task can be a real pain.

  7. Martin

    I would love to be able to finish the shoe molding and window trim that my wife has been waiting patiently for me to finish. I have borrowed a nail gun to do the trim work I have completed, but to be able to complete the project while she is out of town for the weekend would be the best surprise.

  8. matt

    I would use the seneco nailer for deck repairs and construction

  9. Millie McClave

    Awesome Giveaway. The next project we are doing is a large dog house complete with a large porch and stairs. On this project and others at work and at home we could give this tool the workout it deserves!

  10. Andrea Oddo

    Deck and bathroom remodeling projects

  11. Conrad Kovash

    Art project

  12. chuck earhart

    I would love to try one of these out.

  13. This would be a great nailer for trim projects in finished spaces. It is hazardous and time consuming to drag cords and hoses through customers homes and businesses. Much more convenient to use a great cordless tool and I know I can trust Senco to get it right.

  14. Victor Galbraith

    I would use it for projects & crafts with my Grandkids.

  15. Aaron

    I have an entire basement of trim in my future. Having this might motivate me to do some more projects too. I think crown molding would look nice…

  16. Gene Dahlke

    kitchen remodel

  17. My old senco nailer was stolen from my own garage, this would replace that and then some!!

  18. Randy Hilton

    Nice Nailer, Planning on building a Humidor when I win.

  19. Christopher Hanlon Hanlon

    This would be a huge help for a basement remodel I have under way with my son.

  20. Manuel

    I used my bosses nailer today to do the baseboards of a fresh painted room at 6:00 am.. No need for noise compressor.

  21. Dawn Monroe

    We have to repair several areas on the roof and reshingle it. Can you imagine how much time this would save on shingling?

  22. Mike Whaley

    starting a bathroom remodel and this will really come in handy and save time.

  23. James

    Crown Molding


    would use it to help my friend finish his basement. I have one but if we each had one it would be that much easier

  25. Ron

    Crown moulding

  26. I would use the nailer for projects that my 13 year-old son and I are going to do in our shop I am setting up in our garage. I am building bookcases right now to store the hundreds of books that I have and then will be cleaning out the garage to setup my JET wood lathe and start working on turning projects.

  27. David

    Love to have that for a trim installation in our TV room!

  28. Jon

    I have a wainscoting project to do with some reclaimed 1/4 in oak. This brad nailer would be perfect, save me the hassle of an air hose.

  29. Benjamin

    I’d use the Senco nailer to install new base molding and window trim in our house.

  30. jeff hirsch

    i would use it to install crown moulding

  31. Doug M.

    My winter project is finishing the basement in my house. A brad nailer sounds great, a cordless one sounds fantastic. This is my first home , so my tool collection is a little bare. The Senco brad nailer would make a daunting task a little more manageable.


    This would come in real handy my friend is finishing his basement and 2 work a lot faster than 1 Thank you for the chance:)

  33. Tom C

    I would use it for installing trim in my attic refurb project.

  34. Mike Hollenback

    remodeling our old farm house. this would really be a helpful tool to use

  35. Ken Haggerty

    I would have a number of uses for this nailer. I would start with some picture frame repairs, and also moulding work around the house that needs attention.

  36. Robert Stalzer

    T&G ceiling in my cabin. No air hose required! 🙂

  37. Nathan Eriksmoen

    I don’t have currently have a brad nailer, but I’ve got some projects in mind that I could definitely use it for!

  38. The Youtube link for comments to the toolbuzzbox did not work.

  39. randy saunders

    Finish the cabinets in our house we are rebuilding after a fire

  40. Venessa Komocar

    I would use this nail gun to build a doll house and a castle for my daughter.

  41. David Kohn

    I have multiple uses for this cordless nailer in my remodeling/restoration business. Great for trim, cabinets, and furniture installation and repairs.

  42. Jim McKibben

    In the shop for multiple projects.

  43. Don Milligan

    I use a brad nailer for a lot of projects in my woodworking shop, do not presently own but would love to own a Senco.

  44. Jannet Kwan

    I would like to use this nailer to install deadbolt lock on my door.

  45. Randy H

    I will use this to build a DVD storage case.

  46. Rosanne

    Husband will use it when we remodel the bathroom this winter

  47. Thomas Gibson

    I would use this nailer to hang up pictures as I am an interior decorator.

  48. Ron

    My next project planned is crown moulding.

  49. chris vance

    build some birdhouses

  50. Carl m

    Would use it right along with my 16ga to nail the small stuff

  51. Gilly

    Going to attempt to finish my “unfinished” basement.
    Thanks for the chance!!

  52. I would the tool to finish up the doll house I am working on.

  53. Gail Nasman

    My new husband will love this. New Tools are his heaven.

  54. vera

    I’d use it for my fencing project.

  55. nickie

    I could use this with repairs around my house

  56. Cheryl Larimer

    Adding a bathroom in the basement

  57. Bruce Ray

    Bathroom remodel – trim work

  58. christine j

    i would love to use this to reupholster a chair i am working on

  59. Judith VanAlphen


  60. I could finish my trim work now.

  61. Tim

    I’d use this to build some cabinets for my shop.

  62. Teresa McDaniel

    I would use this to recover my four wheeler seat and other things that need fixed around the house

  63. Linda Gilbert

    We are building a new garage, so my husband would be happy to win!

  64. Sonya Allstun

    This would really help with remodeling my bath

  65. Derek S

    I’d use it to build a new workbench and for building a storage shed.

  66. Patricia C

    We have a really old house, I would give it my husband it would make remodeling so much easier

  67. Cindy Phillips

    We are planning to replace our porch railing soon, this would be great for that.

  68. Kasey Kollman

    home bathroom remodel diy

  69. J Spatafora

    rehabbing a utility building at my brothers place

  70. joe gersch

    i would use this for our kitchen redo

  71. Gary McDaniel

    I’d use this to put the trim work around my hardwood floor.


    I would use this on the deck that I plan to rebuild this Fall

  73. Terry Bellender

    My hubby has a side business as Remodeling contractor and this would be something he can add to his tools!

  74. Stephanie Galbraith

    We would use it to remodel the bathroom.

  75. Candie L

    We need to redo our front porch. Thank you

  76. Diane W

    I would use the cordless Senco Brad nailer to install new baseboard in my home.

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