RIDGID 12″ Miter Saw With Mobile Miter Saw Stand Giveaway

RIDGID 12″ Miter Saw With Mobile Miter Saw Stand Giveaway

The RIDGID 12 Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw is unlike any saw we’ve ever used. This saw is capable of cutting a 70-degree miter angle. To achieve these kind of cuts we used to have to use an acute angle jig clamped to the miter saw – trust us when we say  its a pain in the butt.

We are giving away this RIDGID R4221 12″ dual bevel miter saw with 70° miter as well as the AC9945 Mobile Miter Saw Stand. This is definitely a pair that beats a full house!

To read the full tool review click on the link provided: RIDGID R4221 12″ Miter Saw Review

dd9dea42-a0d2-4e3d-ab0e-a3de1ca57f31_400 Giveaway Rules

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2. Enter your information in the giveaway form at the bottom of this page.

Extra Entries

Who doesn’t like to increase their chances of winning? Here are some ways to increase your chances to win this RIDGID R4221 and AC9945. We allow five extra entry points for each of the following. [Please note that repetitive entries with different email address will be deleted.]

Giveaway Dates

The RIDGID R4221 and AC9945 Giveaway ends on Halloween October 31, 2016 at 8:00pm EST. What better holiday to give away the ORANGE AND BLACK than on Halloween?

The winner will receive an email and be announced on Facebook that week. The winner must respond within 48 hours of first notification to claim the prize. Open to U.S residents only ages 18 and older.


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  1. David Heindselman

    Nice Saw.

  2. Stan Diamond

    really nice giveaway prize

  3. Dodd Weaver

    Nice saw. Love the stand

  4. Jim Mullen

    Looking for a new saw to replace the broken Craftsman.

  5. Tim Hendrix

    I need this for my remodel!

  6. Joseph Lopez

    Awesome giveaway guys hope I win could use a new mitersaw

  7. Anthony Haag

    I would love a new saw. I have the basic 10″ ridgid, and my 12″ dewalt sliding saw is on its last legs.

  8. Kristen Fuchs

    This would really help on a lot of the projects on my list!

  9. Timothy Butterfield

    I would love a new saw. Mine is old and crappy, time for a new one

  10. Don

    I am now changing to 40V for my non corded tools.

  11. Doug Vasalech

    Have an old Craftsman, would love to be able to replace it with the Ridgid

  12. Herschel Rutherford

    My DeWalt is getting old!

  13. John collins

    Who could not use new tools

  14. Phil Boudrot

    Always searching reviews to replace my 30-40 year old Craftsman power tools (still working reliably).

  15. Greg Williams

    I am still amazed that a tool brand of a big box store still delivers quality and innovation at such a high level. This saw is amazing.

  16. This would be an awesome additionRobert Johnson

    This would be an awesome addition to my workshop to replace a smaller and old saw. #TBBcrew

  17. Gerald Figueroa

    Appears to be a great saw unit capable of every angle cutting.

  18. Mark Kratzer

    Nice saw and a great giveaway. A 12-inch sliding-miter makes life so much easier, it’s a virtual necessity when cutting at an angle – even for projects using wood that’s just 6″ wide.

    I’ve been researching 12′ sliders for a couple of months now and am just about ready to buy one. Hopefully, now I won’t have to.

    I’ll take my saw with a bow on it, please.

  19. Tom Gilarde

    Free tools are the best tools!


    This is awesome, perfect timing for a big project I have coming up.

  21. Josh Schaffner

    Looks like a great saw. I could definitely use it.

  22. Jason Dvelis

    The 12″ rigid saw and rolling stand cuts some nice looking angles, some would say a cute.

  23. Tom Nelson

    I need a new saw and might as well have the best.

  24. Mar Seeleytin

    Love that Saw!

  25. Martin Seeley

    Ridgid Saw is a dream of mine!

  26. Bob Desrochers

    Have Ridgid 7 1/4 18 volt saw now . This would be great for the shop.

  27. ilene marschner

    Very nice prize!

  28. Andrew S.

    This would be perfect for the work that I need to do.

  29. Robert Wolfreys

    Nice looking saw.

  30. Rod Coffey

    Rigid simply makes great tools with awesome innovation.

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