2014 Holiday Tool Gift Guide

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Are you looking for the perfect idea for a stocking stuffer this year? Well here at Tool Box Buzz we have a few ideas for you, some of them require a much larger stocking though. With the holidays fast approaching you could be running out of time to ask that loved one what they want. Let us guide you to some of the hottest and most popular tools on the market today.  These are just a few of the items that we have recently reviewed here at Tool Box Buzz and thought they were definitely a perfect gift for your professional contractor, Serious Do-It-Yourselfer, or even the regular home owner.

Milwaukee M18 7-1/4” Circular Saw – Model 2731-22 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4" Circular Saw Milwaukee has stepped up their game again and given us a full size 7-1/4″ circular saw using their 18V FUEL cordless platform. Just last year we reviewed their 6-1/2″ version and gave it 5 out of 5 stars because it was an absolute beast when it came to power and run time.

You are now looking at the big brother, Model 2731-22 (two battery kit) which should prove the final blow on cutting the cord for circular saws. We first got our hands on this saw at the 2014 New Product Symposium at the Milwaukee headquarters and we was very impressed.  In order to truly dive into this new product we’ve spent the last few weeks putting it through some testing on the job and in the shop. After spending some quality time with this saw we can definitely say we won’t be needing an AC power supply anymore for circular saw tasks.

Click here to read more about the Milwaukee M18 7-1/4″ Circular Saw – Model 2731.22 

You can purchase this Milwaukee M18 7-1/4″ Circular Saw – Model 2731-22 at Home Depot for $429.00

Ridgid 12v Drill Driver Kit Model # R9000SB     

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 At Tool Box Buzz we see a lot of cordless tools. Drill drivers and impact drivers are our most tested tools. We see more of these tools than any other categories. Previously I only had experience with 18V drills and impact drivers so when the RIDGID 12V Impact Drill / Driver kit showed up I was a little skeptical. The batteries were so small, how could these tools work that well? Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Tool and battery technology has come a long way recently.      These things are small. It’s my go to tool for putting in my pouch or taking on a ladder. 18V tools just don’t fit well in carpenters bags, these tools do.  Another great feature is the three LEDs that illuminate the work area really well. You can use it as a flashlight in a pinch. The one handed chuck and battery gauge round out the features that make this tool great.

You can purchase this Ridgid R9000SD 12v Kit at Home Depot for $99.00

Ryobi ONE+ 18 Gauge Brad Nailer – Model P320


The Ryobi Airstrike tools (in addition to the 18 gauge brad nailer, there’s also a narrow crown stapler) are a sign that Ryobi isn’t just relegated to the DIYer or homeowner crowd anymore. The bright green tools are finding their way onto professional job sites more and more often. The Airstrike nailer is powered by Ryobi’s One+ 18 volt battery system, already well-established. With the battery installed, the tool is well-balanced and comfortable to hold. It’s not overly-heavy, either.
One of the best features, IMHO, is the LED activation button. It’s separate from the trigger, so you can turn the light on without engaging the tool. This is handy for several reasons, obviously – and it’s in a convenient location right, so you can operate it without any hassle.

Read the full article on this niler by clicking on this link

You can purchase this Ryobi ONE+ 18 Gauge Brad Nailer at Home Depot for $169.00

Milwaukee Compact 8 in 1 Multi-Bit Driver – Model # 48-22-2320


Milwaukee recently released a few interesting specialty and precision screw drivers.  The one that caught my attention was the Milwaukee Compact 8 in 1 Multi Bit Screw Driver. This driver was designed around user driven innovation.  What’s that?  User driven innovation means looking at and listening to the core users of a tool, analyzing the below points and engineering a tool to address them. The Milwaukee Compact 8 in 1 Multi Bit Ratchet Screw Driver, model# 48-22-2320 takes the place of the half dozen or so mini  or squat screw drivers I keep in my tool box.   This driver will hold any of the fasteners that I commonly use and easily fits into tight spaces where full size screwdrivers won’t.   Milwaukee is clearly paying attention, are you?

You can purchase this Milwaukee 48-22-2320 8-1 Screw Driver for approximately $15.00

Dewalt 15 Ounce All Steel Framing Hammer – DWHT51138

DEWALT 12 oz MIG Weld Hammer Review

DEWALT® has a new 15 ounce Framing Hammer (DWHT51138).  This framing hammer (DWHT51138) is lighter and more powerful than conventional framing hammers.  Most carpenters I know use a 28 or even 32 ounce hammer.  These hammer weights are pretty much an industry standard in framing applications. As I get older I am always looking for a better, easier or faster way to get the job done.  That includes using lighter tools to reduce arm fatigue.  This trend, moving toward lighter tools, has led the DEWALT engineering team to use MIG Weld Technology to match the weight of leading titanium hammers while maintaining the strength and durability that DEWALT end users demand. The DEWALT 15 ounce Framing Hammer features a magnetic nail holding slot to set nails in hard to reach areas.  The hammer also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Click here to read more about the Dewalt DWHT51138


The DEWALT DWHT51138 15 Oz Framing hammer can be purchased for $54.90 here:
DEWALT 15oz Framing hammer DWHT51138

Bosch 18V Multi-X Oscillating Tool – Model MXH180


Bosch Power Tools recently released  the  Bosch 18V Multi-X Oscillating Tool to their oscillating category. The Bosch MXH180 has an electric circuitry brush-less motor design. When you consider that Bosch added a 4.0 Ah fat pack battery to this tool and then combined that with their Constant Response™ Circuitry which allows the tool to maintain constant speed under a heavy load and protect it from overheating you have to be impressed.
To put this in layman’s terms this tools 4.o Ah battery pack acts like the fuel tank and when combined with the the electronic circuitry or the “smart brain” you have the perfect recipe for corded power without the cord.

Click on this link to read the full article written by one of our professional tradesman

You can purchase this bare tool ( tool and case, no battery or charger) here on Amazon from roughly $229.00
Bosch 18V Multi-X Tool – MHX180

Hammerhead HLMT100 Compact Laser Measuring Tool

laser measure

Laser Measuring tools have changed the game in distance measuring. There are several different types, makes and models out there now, ranging from extremely high end professional grade, down to point and click, quick measuring. The HAMMERHEAD HLMT100 brings more to the party besides point and click measurements.  There are several laser measuring tools on the market today. Some really expensive and some not. I put this one slightly over mid-range. I rated it a 4 out of 5 stars.  Having to be extremely steady while using this is what “dinged” it that one star. That being said, this tool will without a doubt continue to have a home in my tool pouch. For quick, accurate measurements, it really is a simple as point and click!

Click here to read more about the HammerHead HTML100 Compact Laser Measuring Tool


The Hammerhead HLMT100 Compact Laser Measuring Tool can be purchased for $49.99 here: Hammerhead HLMT100 Compact Laser Measuring Tool


M12™ Heated Gear - Red Heated Jacket


As far as tool manufacturers go, Milwaukee is the oldest name in heated gear. They’ve been in it the longest and it really shows in some of their newest products. We had a sneak peek last week at the New Product Symposium and they proved once again that they’re always thinking about ways to improve their products. The best introduction in the M12 Heated Gear line this year is the introduction of a 3 in 1 system in the camo jacket. The system has an inner heated vest and an outer jacket shell with a hood. The jacket can be worn vest only, shell only, or vest and shell together. This is a great introduction. It allows a person to wear the vest under any jacket of choice. You can wear it under blaze orange or under your motorcycle or snowmobile jacket.

Click here to read more on the Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets

You can purchase this M12 Heated Jacket 2391-L at Home Depot for $199.00

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