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Table Saw Safety Standards About To Get Ridiculous

Apparently our Government has decided that table saws are too dangerous and therefore must be built with more safety features than a modern day car or passenger jet. Poor decisions by drivers of automobiles must be acceptable yet poor decisions by untrained people using table saws is not acceptable. Folks I fear our Government is about to put so many restrictions on table saw safety that many hobbyist will no longer be able to afford a table saw.

Yesterday, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to move forward with tougher standards on table saws. As I’ve reported several times frivolous lawsuits and serious lobbying by Stephen Gass (owner of SawStop) have somehow convinced the Socialist minded folks at the CPSC that table saws are just too dangerous.

Maybe I’ve lost my mind but this new push by our Government is going too far. What is next? Will circular saws need flesh detecting technology? Will cars need drivers to pass and IQ test before turning over the engine? You see table saw injuries are caused by poor human decision making and not by product malfunctions.

If you feel as strongly about this as I do I urge you to write to your State Senator and Representatives and ask them to stop this insane push by the CPSC. If not it’s very likely that our children and grand children will have a very hard time affording a table saw to practice the art of wood working that so many of us love.

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