2021 Echo Power Equipment New Products Announcement

Echo Power Equipment Announces New Products for 2021

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the Echo Incorporated online media day where they announced their new products for 2021. The theme for the day was “The Game Has Changed” and I couldn’t agree more. This theme speaks to the challenges facing the tool manufacturing industry as a whole during the current pandemic. What Echo has realized is that the landscaping and property management trades are in exceptionally high demand. Additionally, homeowners who are forced to be at home are focusing on their outdoor spaces more than ever. These same homeowners are investing in high-quality tools to maintain those spaces. In order to meet market demands, Echo is working to make their manufacturing processes as efficient and safe as possible.

Echo Media Day Product Announcement


Despite all the setbacks associated with the current Covid pandemic, Echo is driving forward with innovation. A total of 13 new products are scheduled for release for the 2021 season. The new tools range from chainsaws to backpack blowers, power inverters, as well as trimmers, and other products as well. The Echo website has a full listing of all the new offerings. Here is a spotlight of a few of the stand out products.

Echo CS-7310P Chainsaw

Echo New Product Anouncement

At 73.5cc, this is the most powerful professional-grade chainsaw Echo has ever released in North America. This is also Echo’s first venture into the 70cc pro class. The saw features a 4-stage air cleaning system. It also has a whole host of pro-grade features such as factory dual felling spikes, adjustable oiler, spring anti-vibration system, captive bar nuts, and a decompression valve, just to name a few.

During the Q&A session with the product managers, I was told that this saw was tested and evaluated by professional logging crews in the Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, and Maine during development. This is a true professional-grade saw and designed for demanding full-time use. With an MSRP of around $800.00 depending on bar length, this saw will be an excellent value in its class.

Echo PB-9010T Backpack Blower

Echo New Product Announcement

The world’s most powerful backpack blower. I repeat, the world’s most powerful backpack blower. The PB-9010 features a 79.9cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine. This engine is capable of producing 1,110 CFM of airflow at a speed of 220 MPH at the nozzle. That’s insane! The output this backpack is capable of is traditionally only found in wheeled walk-behind blowers. With a dry weight of 26.7 pounds, the blower should still be manageable.

This blower is designed with professional users in mind, but it is still a great option for homeowners. Leaf cleanup sucks. Especially if you have a large piece of property. A backpack blower like the PB-9010 will make fast work of any cleanup job and get you back to doing something you enjoy. With an MSRP of $599.99, this is again an excellent value in its class.

Echo EGi-3600LN Inverter Generator

The Echo new product announcement included a low noise 3,600 max wattage inverter generator. The EGi-3600LN features a 212cc engine and a running wattage of 3,000 Watts at a 50% load. The inverter features auto-idle technology, electric starting, and the ability to be run in parallel with another inverter to increase wattage. Most importantly it is quiet for use in close quarters.

Small inverter type generators such as this are crucial on many construction job sites. However, they are just as valuable to homeowners as well. From power outages to camping and RV use, an inverter can be a lifesaver. Additionally, inverter technology makes it safe for charging sensitive electronics and other appliances. The MSRP on the Egi-3600LN is right around $1,000.00.

Other Echo New Product Announcement

Echo Product Announcement

Echo also expanded their high-quality Red Armor line of oils for small engine equipment as well as developed a Pump Guard treatment for preserving seals and valves in pressure washers. Other new products include power washer accessories, a stand-alone fire pump unit, new hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and other equipment as well.

The Game Has Changed

Our recent Best Cordless Chainsaw Head-2-Head was Tool Box Buzz’s first time working with Echo Incorporated. However, I have used Echo power equipment for most of my life. My Grandfather first introduced me to their tools and I grew up using his. Echo has always had an image in my mind of being tough as nails, mainly because Granpa wasn’t big on preventative maintenance and the tools just wouldn’t die!

The Echo new product announcement gave me a deeper look into their company as a whole. It showed me that they are dedicated to providing high-quality products and are passionate about what they do. Since 2017, Echo has launched 82 new products including 20 in 2020. With 13 more already scheduled for 2021, Echo is proving themselves to be one of the biggest innovators in the industry.

I look forward to seeing how the current new releases perform and we will be bringing more coverage of Echo products here at Tool Box Buzz.

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