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Delta Power Equipment – Delta Is Reborn

For almost a century woodworkers have associated the name of Delta to quality woodworking machinery and equipment. Back in 2005 Delta Machinery was sold to Black & Decker and many long time users felt the company was standing on the edge of a cliff waiting to fall off and die. Frankly most people assumed that Black & Decker would seize on the long standing brand and slowly let it die on the vine.

All of that changed last January when Stanley Black & Decker sold the company to Taiwan-based Chang Type Industrial Co., Ltd. which renamed the company Delta Power Equipment. Within just a few short months Delta Power Equipment had a new headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Anderson, South Carolina.

The newly formed company is in capable hands with Bryan Whiffen serving as President & Chief Executive Officer and Norm MacDonald as Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. Both of these men along with the key staff have a long history of working for Delta and other powerhouse tool companies here in the US.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with these two gentlemen and their key staff recently. My short visit there gave me hope that the re-birth of Delta will once again bring prestige and respect from the woodworking industry.

I asked Bryan to share his thoughts on my sense of a rebirth of the Delta Brand:

“The DELTA brand has one of the strongest legacies of any woodworking company in the industry. That legacy stems from the innovative and high-quality products that DELTA has produced throughout most of its history.

DELTA Power Equipment Corporation, although only founded in February 2011, believes in this legacy and is making every effort to revive and extend it by exceeding customer expectations and developing strong, personal customer relationships.

We’ve brought production of the UNISAW® and BIESEMEYER® accessories to Anderson, South Carolina, and keeping these products Made in America is as important to us as it is to the loyal DELTA customer. We will continue to offer strong customer service and have retained the Stanley Black & Decker Service Network for all parts, warranty, and service-related needs so we can be there for our customers.” – Bryan Whiffen, CEO of Delta Power Equipment Corp.

Focus On Quality

While visiting their new facility last week I spoke with several employees who mentioned how they are working closely with suppliers to improve quality. One example was the machined cast iron top. The QC checks from the new facility are requiring much tighter tolerances for flatness compared to what the previous owners had required.

Another example was a small pile of tools sitting at one of end of the new facility. When I asked the plant manager what they were he told me that every single returned product is inspected thoroughly to determine what might be wrong with the unit. By carefully examining the products they can quickly address possible flaws in previous designs.

It is my feeling that focusing on improved quality, tolerances and workmanship they will quickly regain their past prestige and trust with their end users.

According to Whiffen, “woodworkers will be happy to know that we are developing many new, innovative woodworking machines that will be in stores in 2012, and will prove that DELTA is still a leader in the woodworking machinery industry”.



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