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Ryobi P720 One+ 20 Watt LED Cordless Work Light

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We finally have a clear bright future ahead of us.  Ryobi has come out with an 18V dual power LED cordless work light.  I can remember back to when I was a kid helping hold the old metal drop lights for my grandfather as we would work on cars.  He would always have a pack of 100 watt incandescent bulbs on standby if the bulb burnt out or more often the light was bumped.

My first glance at the light is compact and bright.  The head rotated well and locked into the positions without any slippage.  Noticed the LED light offers multiple hanging choices.  Has a simple on/off switch.  On the box upon opening it, showed a picture of all Ryobi batteries.  Below the picture it states, (any Ryobi 18V One+ blue or green tool works with any 18V One+Battery).  Great design feature by Ryobi on their battery platform.


  • Hybrid: 18V One+ Battery or 120 AC
  • LED Wattage: 20W
  • Run Time: 4 Hrs with Lithium+ High Capacity Battery
  • Tool Weight: 2.95lbs


  • Compact design
  • Multi hanging options & has a center hole for tripod mounting
  • Head will rotate 360 degrees with locking knob
  • 50,000 LED light hour
  • Runs cooler than Halogen lights
  • 1,700 Lumens
  • Dual power given you the ability to use Ryobi ONE+ battery or plug in to 120 AC with your extension cord

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Lighting the Way:

 Using the Ryobi dual power LED work light has been great.  The first project this light was used on was a huge plus.  The project consisted of a full gut, framing, finish trim and install the closet rods in this custom walk in closet for a client.  Using the dual power mode was helpful.  Especially in cordless mode when you have no extension cords in your way or on the ground.

Next was in a basement were the electrician had to shut power off to the work area.  I grabbed the Ryobi cordless LED light and made it day light for him to work.  Having this LED light give off 1,700 lumens in a compact size just works.  Also showing off new tools is always fun.

The light has a vent area on top in which will get warm at most.  Having LED vs. the old fashion drop lites or 500 watt Halogen lights you will not burn yourself, others or air hoses.  I had a 500 watt Halogen set up on a job site one day. At some point that day I notice my rubber air hose was up against the light.  After moving the hose line away from it, there was a good size bulge.  Ryobi’s LED light ran all day using the dual power modes without any issuses.

The P720 LED dual power light was reviewed with a 4.0ah high capacity lithium+ battery.  This battery is up to 4X runtime, 20% lighter weight, offers extreme weather performance and has a  on board fuel gauge.  The model number is P108 One+ and gives you a 3 year limited warranty.  This battery did take one hour for complete charge.

 Suggested Improvements:

My first improvement would be some type of low battery indicator.  The problem I found is when the battery dies it just shuts off.  This I find annoying and a potential safety hazard.  Next I would like to see is a heavier base.  The light weight is appreciated, except we found the base tippy on a few times.  Lastly, a high and low option would have assisted on saving some of the battery life.

Ryobi LED Cordless Work Light / Overall Impression:

My overall impression with the Ryobi dual LED light, it’s a great light.  Having the ability to run off an 18V battery platform with 50 plus tools or just plug in to with a standard electrical cord to get your power.  That dual power feature worked perfect and should be a standard.  The light is really bright with clean clear 1,700 lumens illuminating up work area.  If you are already on the ONE+Platform then this is a must have.  Now if you’re not, well you could run an extension cord or consider looking closer at the ONE + system Ryobi has designed.

The Ryobi P720 One+ 20 Watt LED Cordless Work Light can be purchase for a very attractive price of $69.00 from your local home depot..  Now to assist in sealing the deal if you’re on the fence about this Hybrid light.  Ryobi offers you a 90 day no risk satisfactions guarantee and  with a 3 year limited warranty.




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