Milwaukee ROVER Flood Light 2114-20

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Milwaukee USB Rechargeable ROVER Pivoting Flood Light Review

Milwaukee USB Rechargeable ROVER Pivoting Flood Light

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2114-20
Price: 69.00
Power source: USB rechargeable battery
Weight: 0.14lbs
Ok let me get this out of the way, I’m a lover of lumen. I like LED lights, and everything from; pen lights, head lamps, flashlights, spot lights and all sorts of innovative problem solving lights like the Milwaukee ROVER Pivoting Flood Light.

The ROVER a USB Rechargeable LED flood light that is more innovative than I ever thought it would be.

Light Quality

This compact floodlight emits a clean, bright, consistent flood light pattern.

Milwaukee used LEDs that offer true color representation and call it  TRUEVIEW™ High Definition output. This means that it allows users to ascertain true colors [think multiple colored wires] without distortion.

Three Light Output Modes

The ROVER has 10 LED arrays in the the pivoting bezel. There are three different output modes; low, medium and high, to allow you to optimize your light output and runtime and get up to 11 hours of runtime.

  • High mode: 550 lumen- 2.0 hours
  • Medium mode: 250 lumen- 4.5 hours
  • Low mode: 100 lumen- 11.5 hours

The ROVER gives off a fair amount of light for its size.

USB Charging

The ROVER charges internally with micro-USB cable from USB power source or AC outlet. (wall plug not included) the battery is also removable so  you can also swap out the battery if needed. You can achieve 80% charge in under 1 hour (*Using 2.1A compatible wall plug) The internal battery is capably of over 2,000 recharges.

A single LED fuel gauge allows fast checking of the battery charge, and shows the battery charge in green, yellow, and red. It comes with a heavy duty 24” USB cord.

Pivoting Light Head

The ROVER light head’s 210° of rotation allows you to direct high output LED light to any work surface.  I found myself using the magnet feature a lot and also the pivoting head for light direction – worked great!

The ROVER folds into itself for a small, compact storage profile, easily fitting into your pocket. Additionally there is a carabineer that will allow you to the ability to clip it to a tool bag, belt, organizers or straps.

Small Size – Big Light

The ROVER is small and fits in one hand, it has a big impact for a small light.

  • Length 5.39″
  • Width 0.65″
  • Weight 0.14 lbs.

ROVER Durability

Milwaukee is pretty sharp when it comes to making durable tools, and the ROVER is no exception. While it’s small it’s well-made.  It is IP54 rated, which means its enclosure has a high level of protection against particles, and a fair amount of protection against water. The body and lens is corrosion resistant.


The ROVER costs $69.00, which is steep.  I do feel that once you get past the price, you realize that while this is a small light – provides big value. Its compact size, recharging feature and most importantly it clear, consistent and true color representation light output make it worth it. Think of it as a three year investment at $23.00 a year!

Overall Impression

I found myself using the ROVER for all kids of projects including some filming and tool testing in the shop.  It seemed to last forever, although that’s not scientific – it did last a long time.  It’s a compact, easy to grab and go light; that produces clean, even, and bright light.

This light is perfect solution for mechanical, electrical, HVAC, MEP, MRO, and automotive trades. It’s small enough to ALWAYS have a hands-free, flood light with you.

We think that this tool puts you in the BEST LIGHT for getting work done – consider yourself ENLIGHTENED!

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