Milwaukee M12 LED Flood Light

Milwaukee M12 LED Flood Light Review

Job-site lighting or more specifically task lighting is critical on any type of job-site today. The proper lighting ensures you work safely and efficiently. As the industry continues to improve and promote cordless tools at a record pace, they are bringing jobsite lighting solutions along for the crazy ride.

Recently we looked at Milwaukee’s M12 LED Compact Flood Light (Model: 2364-20). This take-anywhere light and can be used in almost any workspace because of its size and its ability to handle the environment of daily jobsite abuse.


The light runs on LEDs with a neutral white color that produces high definition of the work area due to its even beam pattern. With the light’s 3 modes it can replace a 250W halogen light. The high mode produces 1,000 Lumens, the medium mode produces 400 lumens and the low setting produces 200 lumens.

  • High mode produces 1,000 lumens
  • Medium mode produces 400 lumens
  • Low mode produces 200 lumens


We ran this light on the small 2-amp battery and got the following times on each mode:

  • Low Mode – 4 hours 55 minutes
  • Medium Mode – 2 hours 15 minutes
  • High Mode –  1 hours 20 minutes

Although these are not close to the times Milwaukee states on their literature we were still impressed the duration of the battery life. A nice feature that we found helpful is that when the battery is just about dead and the light is about to turn off, it blinks every minute for the last 2-3 minutes before it goes off and the battery needs to be replaced. This feature is extremely useful if you are solely relying on this light for the task you are working on and to make sure you don’t get caught in the dark and avoid injuries.


When we were giving our bathroom a quick facelift with some new paint and fixtures, this light was the star of the show.

We were able to remove the fixtures right away and leave them off to the very end.  The small size of the light was great because it never got in the way but there was always plenty of light. When I needed to move it, it was easily done with one hand and I didn’t have to worry about burning myself from the heat of the bulb. The light came in handy when air conditioner season started and we had to change the filters on our HVAC system in the basement and the lighting is poor down there.


The light has a few features that we really like. The first is that strength of the magnet on the bottom. This magnet allows the light to be placed on metal studs, electrical boxes, job boxes, structural steel, ductwork, and any other magnetic surface you will come across. When placed on the surface the magnet holds the light in place exactly where you want. A spring-loaded clamp in the base is makes it extremely handy to clamp onto your ladder, job cart, or even wood studs and will be secure and not move while you work. We think the best feature though is the design. The design allows the light to rest it in 5 positions making it even easier to direct the light in the direction and angle of your needs.


Milwaukee states it can survive a 9-foot drop, although we did not test it at that height, this light easily survived drops from the 4-foot and 6-foot ladder. The light has a high impact polycarbonate lens and rubber over mold. It is designed for the jobsite and its harsh conditions. The design also helps protect it from dust and water and carries an IP54 rating .


  • High Mode:  1,000 Lumens
  • Low Mode:  200 Lumens
  • Voltage:       12V
  • Length:          7.5”
  • Width:            5.75”
  • Height:           5.5”
  • Weight:          2.19 lbs.


Following the other LED Lights by Milwaukee, this M12 LED Flood Light has 5-year warranty on the product and a limited lifetime LED warranty.

Would I Buy this…

If you are already on the M12 line the M12 LED Compact Flood Light needs to be in your arsenal. Service and maintenance technicians will find this light extremely useful because it can be used in any work-space with its compact size and integrated hanging features. The M12 Flood Light can be bought at The Home Depot, your local independent Milwaukee dealer, or online for around $79.00, and is a great addition to the M12 product line.

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