The Klein LED Clamping Work light 56029 is a portable, battery-operated worklight.  It is unique in it’s design featuring a rotating and pivoting head with a clamp.



There are now nine lights being produced by Klein, each with an eye on illumining your work area.  They are all designed serve a particular need.  The small collection of lights include handheld flashlights, a headlamp LED, clip lights and a telescoping magnetic inspection light.  In this latest offering, the LED clamping worklight, the uses for it are endless.


Time and time again we are all faced with working in a dark or dim location for extended periods of time.  And, we need hands-free lighting.  Nobody is able to spare one hand for holding a light and be able to do any kind of real work with the other.

The Klein Clamping Worklight features a clamp with an opening distance of 2 inches.  It is able to grab hold of all the typical nearby resources found while working: framing lumber, gas or water pipe, electrical conduit, a ladder or lift, etc.  The rubber surfaces on the pivoting feet of the clamps are able to give good hold onto most anything.

Once the clamp mechanism is applied, the worklight stays put until you decide to move it.  A simple release button is pushed and off it comes.


The heart and soul of the worklight is the actual lighting this little torch provides. An LED head pumps out 250 lumens on the high setting, 125 lumens on low.  The quality of light is exceptionally good.  It is bright without being blinding or headache inducing.  Not too soft and not too stark white.

  •  Four AA batteries power the 6 volt LED light
  •  Runtime: 8 hours on High (250 lumens),  10 hours on Low (125 lumens)
  •  Plastic head around LED glows in the dark when light is off.  Self-charging when light is on.


The head of the worklight will direct light where it needs to go. The combination of rotation and pivot allows for total directional ability. Moving the LED head couldn’t be any easier, it is nearly effortless and intuitive to do so.

  •  Head rotation is 360 degrees.
  •  Head pivot is 90 degrees.


This Klein worklight is branded as a clamping light, but it should also be thought of in other ways, too.  It could be described as a three-in-one worklight.  Besides the described clamping functionality, it also performs in other ways:

  •  A hand-held worklight
  •  A stand alone worklight


  •  Materials: ABS plastic, polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel
  •  IP54 rating: Dust and water resistant
  •  Drop rated for 10 feet fall.
  •  Operating temperature range: -20 to 120 degrees F ( -29 to +49 degrees C)
  •  Dimensions: 11.2” height x 2.8” width x 2.5” height (284.5 x 71.1 x 63.5 mm)
  •  Weight: 15.3 oz (434 g)


The Klein LED Clamping Worklight 56029 sells for $36.96.


There are several aspects of this unique light that favorably impressed me.  And, there is just one thing that left me hoping for just a bit more.

First, the quality of the light is really quite good.  If you need a small area lit, this worklight will do it.  If you need a small room lit, it’ll do that.  If you need lighting in a large room… well, it surprisingly does a decent job of that too!

Second, this worklight having three “personalities” – clamping, stand alone and handheld is just awesome.  This worklight could feasibly replace any other of the lights one may use.

In clamping mode, the one thing that was somewhat unfulfilling was the ruggedness of the clamp mechanism.  On occasion it was a bit fussy to set and if bumped up against with a tool or body the clamp opened up.

Lastly, the run time on this gives and gives and gives.  A whole workday of light, if needed,  is provided for with a fresh set of batteries. This is huge!  For those times needing an extended period of time you can turn it on and go to town.

Bottom line – Klein has given a gift to us all.  A worklight that works well for nearly any need.  The quality is good and the pricing is fair.





















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