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Festool CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor Review

Festool CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor

Manufacturer: Festool
Model number: CT 25
Price: 485.00
Power source: 110 volt | 350-1200 watt
Festool just released two new vacuums the CT 15 and the CT 25 CleanTec Mobile Dust Extractor. These Festool CleanTec vacuums now offer contractors, and cleaners a pro range of vacuum cleaners for cleaning tasks, such as large messes of dust, or dirt created by hand tools and other work-related functions. It was designed to be used at job sites, workshops, in offices, pretty much anywhere.

The CleanTec vacuums share many similar features of a dust extractor, but also function as larger particle vacuum. Think of it as 2 vacs in 1, as opposed to being strictly a fine dust extractor.

As a remodeling contractor when I think of a job site vacuuming, my mind goes to one of my three vacuum options, in my arsenal:

  1. Dust Extractor – used to connect to a tool and collect dust at right at the source.
  2. HEPA Vacuum – Used to clean a home or area after we’ve made repairs, clean carpets, and finished flooring. It’s our best vacuum and not used on demo debris.
  3. Wet/Dry Shop Vac – used for heavy debris, messy demo, wet vacuuming, and general vacuuming.

The CT 15 and CT 25 vacuums fill in the first to categories above, except heavy demo debris. The CT15 and CT25 numbers refer to the capacity of the vacuum cannister, both vacs can operate wet or dry, and operate and function the same. We tested the CleanTec CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor with a 6.6-gallon capacity.

CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor Specifications

  • 6.6-gallon capacity
  • Power Consumption: 350-1200 watt
  • Max volume flow: 130ft 3/min (3,700 l/min)
  • Container/Filter bag capacity: 6.6 Gallons (25 L)/ 5.94 Gallons (22.5 L)
  • Power Cord length: 16.404 ft (5 m)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 18-1/2″ x 12-19/32″ x 20″ (470 x 320 x 508 mm
  • Max. vacuum 96” static water lift [24 000 Pa]
  • Container/filter bag capacity 6.6 Gallons (25 l)/5.94 Gallons (22.5 l)

First Impressions | CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor

I was impressed with the CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractors compact size, and low weight. It has a nice fit and finish with a sturdy looking chassis, rear steel axle and swivel wheel connection.

One thing missing from the vacuum that many Festool users will notice is the lack of a brake.  This omission was intentional as the CT 15 an CT 25 dust extractors were designed to be used as a general-purpose vacuum and need to move freely without an accidental brake activation.

Another thing missing and new to the CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor an intuitive touch control panel in place of rotary knobs. There are five levels controlling suction power. The vacuums main filter is on the external side of the vacuum and slides out like a drawer.

The top portion of the vacuum is a compartment that houses the crevice and upholstery adapters and has room for the power cord for storage. Additionally, the vacuum hose port connects inside this compartment and routes out towards the front portion of the vacuum, instead of the typical front port connection. This new location eliminates the chance of the hose disconnecting when pulling the vacuum behind you.  There is an attached elastic strap that is used to strap the coiled up vacuum hose to the canister top.

Using the CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor

Besides the super easy, and intuitive power switch and suction power control first thing that struck me was how easily the CT 25 vacuum followed behind me. The wheels track and turn smoothly.

 The intuitive touch control panel allowed for a quick and easy power on and suction adjustment, even with gloves on. The vacuum has a memory that returns to its last power setting when turned off and on.

The vacuum suction hose is 123-feet long and has a 1-1/4” opening more suitable for connecting to a tool for dust extraction. It has an antistatic function to prevent static from developing during work.

We opted to pair our CT 25 vacuum with the Festool Tradesman / Installer Cleaning Set RS-HW D 36-Plus accessory. This accessory gets us into an extension tube and floor nozzle, which se need for floor cleaning.

The iconic green colored suction hose has a larger opening that connects to the floor sweep wand with a bayonet fitting.

I really liked the hose to vac connection. As I mentioned earlier the vacuum hose port connects inside the top compartment and routes out towards the front portion of the vacuum, eliminating the chance of the hose disconnecting when pulling the vacuum behind you.

Speaking of pulling the vac hose, I found that the wheels track nicely and easily followed me as I vacuumed.

In addition to the 5-speed suction control on the vacuum the hose has a rotating bypass valve on the hose nozzle. This allows you to adjust suction without having to go back to the tool. For example, transitioning from carpet to hardwood flooring.

The suction on the CT25 is excellent and picked up most items on the floor. Items that it did not suck up are common among many vacuums; heavier particles such as nuts, nails, and screws.

The CT 25 vacuum filter is easily replaced or swapped for a wet filter. We wrote on the outside of the filters “DRY” and “WET” so as not to mistake them during use. Festool should consider labeling or color coding the wet filter. I like blue… for wet! The bag replacement is intuitive and easy with built in tabs to support the vac bag.


We noted that the CT 25 vacuum was compatible with all our older Festool accessories, hoses, and wands.

We also noted that when vacuuming I tended to grasp the vacuum wand in different locations causing some mixed results. If I choked up too far, my hand would accidently push open the bypass nozzle. If I grab the wand too far back, near the hose to wand connection, I create a hinge causing the hose to disconnect. This action happened a few times and was frustrating.

Room For Improvement

There are two items I’d like to see Festool improve on. The first would be to improve the attached elastic strap that is used to secure the coiled up vacuum hose to the canister top. I found this strap difficult to hook on, sometimes slipping out of my grasp and snapping my hand or fingers.  I think a large pull tab for the user to grasp and pull the cord would eliminate this issue.

The second improvement would be on the hose to the wand connection, especially for the the Tradesman / Installer Cleaning Set accessory wand and green hose. This connection disconnected on me far too often and easily. I could see this as a major pain point for users, necessitating taping the connection. I suppose training myself to not grab the hose at that location is one solution, as would be a more secure, locking connection designed by Festool.

How Much Does the CT 25 Cost?

The Festool CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor costs [pre-order] $485.00 online at ACME tools and includes:

  • Antistatic Suction Hose – Diameter 27/32 x 3.5 m RAS-CT
  • SELFCLEAN filter bag SC-FIS-CT 25
  • Crevice Nozzle, D36
  • Upholstery Brush

Festool is offering a nice warranty on this vacuum with 3 years on service and repairs, and 10 years for spare parts. Warranties like this is something that I’ve always appreciated from Festool.


Festool CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor

The Tradesman / Installer Cleaning Set RS-HW D 36-Plus accessory costs an additional $245.00 at ACME and includes:

  • Curved hand tube D 36 HR-K AS
  • Floor nozzle D 36 BD 300
  • Extension pipes D 36 VR-K AS
  • Crevice nozzle D 36 FD-300
  • Suction brush D 36 SP
  • Smooth suction hose D 36 x 3.5 m antistatic
  • Systainer SYS3 M 437


Final Thoughts

The Festool CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor is ideal for cleaning where there are large volumes of dust and dirt at construction sites, workshops, and offices. It is extracts dust, dirt and water and has a large debris canister capacity. It is robustly designed, and intended to run all day, if needed.

In addition to contractors needing to clean their jobsites, I can see restoration service pros and professional cleaners using this vacuum.

People often complain that Festool products are too pricy. As professional contractors who use tools to make our living, we need to be focusing on tool purchases as an investment. If you amortize the cost of the CT 25 vacuum, and even the accessory kit, and assume that it will last one year past its 3-year warranty – your cost of ownership is just $16 per month. If you take care of this vacuum, I’m sure you’ll get more than 4 years out of it. Some of my dust extractors are 8 years old and still going strong.


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