DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V Dust Extractor Kit Review

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DEWALT FLEXVOLT Dust Extractor Kit – Model DCV585T2

A cordless dust extractor with no wheels sounds like a design that was not thought out to its best capacity. There are several manufacturers on the market producing cordless dust extractors with great maneuverability.  DEWALT went with a cordless solution while thinking about storage, transportation, and efficiency in mind.  The DEWALT DCV585 is T-Stak compatible. This allows the unit to be stacked and combined with other DEWALT T-Stak Storage Systems.

Running off of the DEWALT FLEXVOLT battery platform, this cordless Dust Extractor is an efficient and portable way to achieve OSHA Table 1 compliance on the job site. This product features Wireless Tool Control with remote, allowing the user to activate the extractor from the tool, at a distance. It also features an automatic filter cleaning mechanism and includes HEPA filters. Let’s take a closer look at the DEWALT DCV585.


DEWALT DCV585T2 Mfg Specifications

  • 125 CFM
  • 2 Gallon Tank Size
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning with Dual Filters
  • HEPA Filter
  • Meets the EPA Lead Related Renovations, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule for HEPA vacuums when used with the included HEPA filter.
  • Wireless Tool Control
  • T-Stak Compatible
  • 8′ Hose with onboard storage and DEWALT’S Airlock System
  • Can be used in wet or dry applications.

OSHA Table 1 Compliance

Under OSHA’s silica dust regulation, standard dust collection vacuums are required to have a 99.00% filtration efficiency, and HEPA vacuums are required to have a 99.97% filtration efficiency. 125 CFM provides OSHA Table 1 compliant solutions for up to 5 in. tuckpointing and surfacing applications when paired with an appropriate dust shroud.

Dust Extractor | Lightweight & Portable

The terms “lightweight” and “portable” are not often associated with dust extractors. With the advances in technology, powerful brushless motors are now available in smaller packages, making cordless dust extractors incredibly portable and light. Nowadays, the majority of the big brands include some kind of storage for tools that facilitates mobility. For this extractor, DEWALT utilizes the T-Stak configuration.

The new T-Stak adapter for the Tough System 2.0 has just been released by DEWALT. TOUGH SYSTEM 2.0 Adapter: Increase your storage capacity. With the help of this multi-system adapter, DEWALT T-Stak, Tough Case, TOUGH SYSTEM, and Pro Organizer products are cross-platform compatible. Connecting new and existing modules will provide a system that is sturdy and adaptable enough for your most challenging job sites.

With the ability to now stack on the Tough System 2.0 boxes, I can take all my hose adapters with me to the workstation, instead of back and forth to truck to get the right adapter. Also pairing it up with the DEWALT Rolling Tool Box allows effortless transit to and from the truck.


This dust extractor measures 12-1/4″ high and 15-1/4″ wide, making it extremely compact. The extractor weighs roughly 27 LBs with no battery. DEWALT has several sizes of Flexvolt batteries that could add an additional 1-2 pounds.


As mentioned in previous dust extractor reviews, cordless dust extractors are not the solution for demolition or long-duration work. You will find yourself constantly changing out batteries which won’t be an efficient use. The DEWALT DCV585 is ideal for applications where constant run-time is not required and places where cords can be a trip hazard.

  • Concrete Dust
  • Saw Dust
  • Drywall Dust
  • Light Cleanup

Cutting Durarock for a shower remodel, this extractor was key in keeping the dust from flying. The suction was perfect for keeping the air around me from clouding up.

We have had this dust extractor on several job sites and each time it has improved our cleanliness tremendously. Our main focus has been capturing wood dust at the source and keeping the overall area and air quality clean. The 125 CFMs is plenty of suction on our cordless table saw. There is very little sawdust to be picked up at the end of the day.

Even outside? We use our cordless dust extractor outside as well. Keeping a client’s driveway, back porch or garage is just as important as the interior of their houses.

DCV585T2 | Kit Components

  • (1) DCV585 60V MAX* Dust Extractor
  • (2) 60V Flexvolt Batteries
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) Wireless Tool Control Remote
  • (1) Fleece Bag
  • (2) HEPA Filters

Wireless Tool Control

The DEWALT dust extractor allows for 2 user options. You can switch it on, for continuous use or the wireless tool remote control. The wireless remote allows you to turn the extractor on at the tool, rather than bending down every time to turn it on. The wireless remotes come with Velcro straps and can secure the handle of your tools.



Additionally, DEWALT has several demolition tools that have the Bluetooth feature built into the handle of tool so the remote control is not needed.


If you have multiple wireless tool remotes, you will have to link them up each time you use that specific tool. The dust extractor can only be synced up with one remote at a time.

The benefit of the wireless tool control is having the ability to capture dust at the source even with tools that are not equipped with the Bluetooth feature. Both tools that I use almost daily (Cordless Miter Saw and the Cordless Table Saw) do not have the Bluetooth feature. Being able to pair up with the wireless tool remote allows me to capture the dust at the source and minimizes the end-of-the-day clean-up we all dread!

DEWALT | Hose & Adapters

The DEWALT Dust extractor comes with a 1-1/4″ hose that is 8′ long. This anti-static hose has great storage around the lower body of the extractor.

It comes with DEWALT’s own AIR-LOCK attachment system. This AIR-LOCK system is proprietary to DEWALT so only their attachments will work on it. One quarter turn and you can lock the hose onto the tool and it will be secure.

Three-way Switch

This extractor has a three-way operational switch.  Flip the switch to the left and its on for extended use. Middle is off and to the right is Bluetooth connected.

Auto Cleaning System

This dust extractor has a highly effective filter cleaning system that minimizes filter clogging. Every 20 seconds, both filters get automatically cleaned. The cleaning process alternates between the filters and continues through the life of the unit.

Fleece Bag Protection

The dust extractor’s internal motor is protected with fleece bags. The filters will ultimately become clogged or may even tear, even with auto filter cleaning. The filter can eventually get damaged by insulation, coarse sawdust, and small particulates, according to past experience. Fleece filters protect the main, more expensive filters and vacuum motor while maintaining suction.
The vacuum canister, when emptying, exposes the user to dust inhalation but Fleece bags unhook from the vacuum inlet and can be closed off, or thrown away, minimizing and eliminating exposure to silica, lead paint, or other harmful dust particles.

Dual HEPA Filters

The DCV585 comes with two HEPA filters that lock into place by a quarter turn. Replacement HEPA filters can be purchased from ACME Tools for about $70.o0


When in use, the DEWALT dust extractor is pretty quiet. I used the DEWALT DCV585T2 Dust Extractor for 2 minutes without interruption using the Decibel X app on my iPhone. This extractor runs at 79.10 decibels on average, which is not loud. OSHA’s acceptable exposure limit for noise is 90 dBA for all employees during an 8-hour workday, and as can be seen in the image below, the maximum decibel at which the auto cleaning feature engages was 86.4 dBA.

Dust Extractor Costs

Cost is always a factor in determining what tool to buy.  At the time of this publication, the DEWALT DCV585T2 Dust Extractor Kit comes in at $729.99 which is extremely expensive. However, is there a price you can put on cleanliness and customer satisfaction? Making sure the harmful particles end up where they belong and not in your lungs or all over the client’s house is very important. We feel that if you are on this platform, this investment is a discussion worth having. It will only take one time when you decide to let the dust fly and you are paying this much money in hiring a professional cleaning service.  An important note is that DEWALT offers 3 yr limited warranty, 1 yr free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic cordless dust extractor with excellent suction. However, it still won’t be able to compete with a corded unit when it comes to time. Since I constantly have the extractor handy, it substantially benefits both my customers and my health. This is opposite to a corded vacuum, which I would typically not feel like “setting up” most of the time. Therefore, I have a daylong job site that is cleaner.

FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* Dust Extractor

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    If you had a choice between the Makita XGT 40v dust extractor (recently reviewed) and this DeWalt dust extractor, which one would you prefer?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Really depends on what battery platform you’re already invested in, that’s really how I would choose.

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