DEWALT FLEXVOLT Tracksaw – 3 Year Look Back Review

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DEWALT FLEXVOLT Tracksaw – 3 Year Look Back

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 6-1/2" Track Saw

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCS520
Price: 579.00
Power source: 60v
Weight: 12.5lbs

Some of you might be wondering why we are doing all these “look back” articles, more specifically why the DEWALT FLEXVOLT Tracksaw.  The Tool Box Buzz crew believes in making sure we got it right. We provide you with honest, in-depth information on all of our reviews. Typically we unbox these tools, put them through the gauntlet on the job site and we do not talk about them anymore.

We know that the tool industry is evolving faster than we can almost keep up. Today’s new saw is tomorrow’s old news, however, there are still tools that no matter what new technology there is, we are reluctant to replace. We are taking a look back a the DEWALT Flexvolt Track Saw – Model DCS520

You Only Get One Chance at The First Impression

Look Back – Original First Impression

The original first impression of the DEWALT Flexvolt Tracksaw was it was sturdy and had easy to adjust tilt controls and both grips had great rubber over-mold and were comfortable. The magnesium base was light and the tool has a robust feel to it.

Today’s Impression

The DEWALT Tracksaw still holds all the great characteristics as when we first unboxed it in 2017 for initial review. The saw has run flawlessly with zero issues. Whether cutting high priced kitchen cabinets or expensive decking this saw has not let us down and we do not anticipate it ever will

T-Stak case

The track saw still gets transported in the T-Stak case it came with. Albeit there is a lot more “stuff” in there. We have added extra blades, dust collection adapters, the rail clamps for attaching rails as well as a T25 Torx screwdriver to take off the front cover plate to change out the blades.

Adjustments Updated

The plastic knobs for the bevel adjustment have loosened up a bit from their original state but still secure tightly. We have not had any issues with them coming loose on us or breaking.

Parallel-link Plunge Mechanism

Look Back:

The parallel linkage on this saw requires you to push the saw carriage forward slightly on the base before plunging it down at an angle. It feels a bit awkward because the other saws pivot down into their bases with one wrist motion.

When I asked Dewalt to comment on the Parallel-Link Plunge Mechanism they responded with:

The mechanical linkage in the plunge mechanism provides a smooth plunge into the work surface. Track saws without this feature aren’t as easy to articulate and therefore require greater force from the user to engage. Typically, they enter the wood with more user force or bias, i.e., slapping the track and work surface.

Todays Comments

After using the track saw on many jobs, the plunge motion became a non-issue. Today if you put another track saw in front of me to use I would say that saw had a funky plunge mechanism. We become custom to our ways and most of us do not like change!

Dust Collection

The dust collection on the DEWALT Tracksaw is still great. The dust port on the saw is still operating the same as when we initially reviewed it. The port swivels 360° and stiff enough to stay in one place. The only added thing is we have added a few adapters since we operate several dust collectors.

Using the Dewalt Flexvolt Track Saw

Initially, we used this saw on the kitchen cabinet cut down as well and some sheet goods break down. Since then we have had this saw on so many job sites we can even begin to count. We are using this saw in so many ways! We love to use this saw on our deck projects. Time is money and we feel this saw saves time. We run all of our decking long and come back and cut to the perfect size with the track saw.
We continue to use this saw on a majority of our kitchen remodels customizing cabinets as well as cutting signs for a custom sign designer.  The saw still cuts with ease and is a crew favorite. Usually having multiple job sites going at once we have since purchased another one!

Dewalt Flexvolt Track Saw Cost Comparison

Flexvolt 60V 6-1/2″ Track Saw comes in the following configurations. Take a look at the then and now comparison. The pricing has virtually stayed the same.

Look Back:

  • Kitted with one DCB606, T-Stak, for $499 (DCS520T1)
  • Kitted with a 59” Track, T-Stak, and one DCB606 $577 (DCS520ST1)
  • Bare tool and T-Stak for MSRP $379 (DCS520B)


Did We Get It Right?  Overall Thoughts

We think we did! This saw has proven itself in many ways. We often hear kickback from people saying “oh that’s cheating” or our favorite “we don’t need that we can cut a straight line without a track.” Our thoughts are, okay great you’re awesome. It’s not that we as remodelers or contractors cant cut a straight line. The fact is this saw eliminates most of the work involved in making this cut. There is no chalk lines need, and very little preparation. Mark where your lines go, line up the track, set your depth, and cut. It’s that simple. We like the ease of use and the precision. So we say to you all you naysayers who don’t need a straight edge, you will not cut straighter than a track saw period.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 6-1/2" Track Saw





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