Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Fan Review

RYOBI 18Volt ONE+™ Portable Fan

Ryobi P3310 Portable Fan

Ryobi P3310 Portable Fan

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to test some of Ryobi’s latest offerings. One of the unexpected favorites was the P3310 Portable Fan. I figured this would be just like any other fan but Ryobi added some nice features that left me pleasantly surprised.

RYOBI P3310 Features

  • Over 10 hours of runtime using P104 battery on low speed setting
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Pivoting head with detents to hold position
  • Multiple hanging options
  • High (2100 RPM) and Low (1400 RPM) speeds
  • Works with all Ryobi 18V ONE+™ batteries
  • Battery: 18V (not included)
  • Tool Weight – 2.5 pounds
Battery placement and hanging hooks

Battery placement and hanging hooks


There are two questions that came to mind when I opened the box on this fan. 1.)Does it move a good amount of air and 2.) How long do the batteries last.

The first question was easily answered as soon as I snapped in a battery. It moves a decent amount of air for a fan this size. The low speed setting was ideal for using as a personal cooling device; moves enough air without being too loud. With the high speed setting I used it out in the shop, it kept me cool while I mulled around cleaning and organizing on a muggy afternoon.

The second question took a little longer to answer. I made sure to test the extremes of run time with the fan so you could have an accurate idea of it’s performance. I tested with both the compact P103 and larger P104 Li-Ion battery packs. Both packs are new.The first test I did was with the large battery. On the low setting I was able to get just a few minutes shy of 11 hours. With the small battery it was about 2 hours and 40 minutes on the high setting.

Clipped to overhead storage racks

Clipped to overhead storage racks


Overall Impression

The RYOBI 18Volt ONE+™ Portable Fan (Model P3310) works very well. I have to admit that I was surprised how well it worked. It looked small out of the box but it moved plenty of air. It worked great in the shop and I’m using it right now as I write this.

My favorite part of this tool is the various mounting points built into the base. I hung the fan using these features to the bottom of the overhead storage racks in my garage and it kept the breeze right where I was working. The base can also accept screws to temporarily tack it to framing or whatever else.

One additional area where I think this tool would be huge is in camping. Hang one in the tent or a couple in a camper. Sweet.

The only negative I can think of is that a battery isn’t included. Although, the price then wouldn’t be so inviting.

Where to Buy

If you want to buy this fan it’s available at The Home Depot for $29.97. You can buy it online at The Home Depot here: One+ 18-Volt Portable Fan

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Contributing Editor Jeff Williams is a carpenter for a commercial General Contractor specializing in concrete, steel, and wood buildings. Jeff comes from a long line of contractors. His parents started a commercial General Contracting firm many years ago and it has afforded him life-long, hands-on learning opportunities from rough and fine carpentry all the way to structural steel and concrete. Jeff has a Construction Management degree and loves the thrill of coordinating and successfully managing large jobs from start to finish. Inspired by the difficulties sometimes encountered to complete punch lists his motto is, "Work hard until the job is done."


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  1. Jason

    I really love the ryobi tools but my old lithium ion batteries are holding up better than the new ones I bought. It’s starting to get really annoying having to deal with the process of replacing the batteries.

    1. Jeff Williams

      Can you elaborate on the old batteries? Do they look the same as the one I have pictured? Same model numbers? This is my first foray into Ryobi.

      1. Jason

        They look the same they are the ryobi p103 batteries.I have had 2 of the fat pack and 2 slim pack batteries die on me now, but like I said the 2 older ones are still going strong. I wonder if they changed cells overtime.

  2. Robert Russell

    I may go purchase one tomorrow after reading this!

    1. Jeff Williams

      If you are already into the One+ system, it’s hard to go wrong at less than $30. My wife likes to steal it when she works out. I may be buying another one too!!

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  4. M18Fuel

    So, based on your analysis of amount of run time per battery, am I to believe that the compact battery would last approximately 6.5 if ran at the low fan speed setting? Your battery test seemed a little odd to me. I would think that if your not going to test both size batteries on both speed settings that you would use the compact battery on the low setting (since it’s half the size) and test the high speed setting with the full size battery. I make this comment because I only have the lithium type batteries in the compact size. So I was hoping for this information in your article.

  5. Sean McGeough

    I am a UPS driver and use this fan in my truck every day. I bring two batteries and get through the whole day on high speed. Looking to get a power inverter and use the cord for battery free use.

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