Dremel MICRO 8050 Rotary Tool Kit Review

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Dremel MICRO 8050 Rotary Tool Kit Review

Dremel Micro 11About a month ago I picked up the Dremel MICRO at The Home Depot. I already own a Dremel 400 XRP that I’ve had for a number of years. It’s a workhorse used on every trim job I take on but it’s set up exclusively for fine tuning coped joints. I needed something smaller and cordless, something I could slip into my pocket. The Dremel MICRO fit the bill perfectly.

Features and Specifications

Dremel MICRO 8050 Rotary Tool Kit

Manufacturer: Dremel
Model number: 8050-N/18
Price: $89
Power source: 8V Li-ion internal battery
  • Variable speed from 5,000 to 28,000 rpm to match the proper speed required
  • High capacity 8V lithium-ion battery for longer run times
  • Compact size for portability and light in weight for comfort
  • 360º grip zone with soft grip for comfort and control
  • Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes
  • 4 light LED ring around collet for excellent visibility in low light conditions
  • Kit includes 19 accessories and charge cradle
  • BATTERY: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • CHARGE TIME: 3 Hours, 45 Minutes
  • WARRANTY: Limited 2 Years
  • LENGTH: 9.5 in.
  • WIDTH: 1.65 in.
  • CHUCK CAPACITY: .125 in.


Dremel MICRO in Use

There were two main things I really wanted the Dremel MICRO for. The first was engraving. Here at Tool Box Buzz we get in a ton of cordless tools and batteries. Whenever a new battery rolls in I like to date it so that I know its age. I use to scratch it in with a clay-shaping tool. Yeah, like the kind you used in high school art class. It didn’t work well and the markings were hard to read. One of the 18 accessories included is a small engraving cutter that’s the perfect size for marking batteries. Couple it with the pencil grip of the MICRO and it is perfect for this operation.

18 total accessories included

18 total accessories included


The second task I wanted it for was tuning coped joints. I usually cut a 45 on the miter saw and then get close to the profile with the coping saw. I’ve never had a lot of skill with the coping saw so I use a sanding drum to sneak up to the profile. This way I can fine tune the joint through sanding instead of butchering the joint with the saw. In the past the Dremel 400 XRP has filled this role with aplomb.

Dremel Micro 4

My 400 XRP has a flex shaft and sanding drum attached and it’s mounted permanently above my miter saw station in the shop. It’s the perfect setup… until I need to take it to a job site. Out on site there usually isn’t a way to mount the XRP up high, it just has to sit on the bench and makes the flex shaft harder to use. That doesn’t happen with the MICRO. Another huge boon to the cordless Dremel is that I can stick it in my pocket and take it to where I’m fitting the trim piece. I can tune the joint without having to walk back outside to the saw bench.

Dremel Micro 7

Final Thoughts

The Dremel MICRO has some really nice features which turn it from just another rotary tool to one that will always be in my kit. It is so small, portable, and yet powerful. It is really straight forward to use and comfortable in the hand. The accessories are easy to change and the 18 piece kit includes an abundance for a multitude of tasks. Sure there are other cheaper rotary tools but I can assure you that none of them match the ergonomics and portability of the Dremel Micro.

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