Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Stik Fastening System

Simpson Quik Stik Rafter and Truss Fastening System

The  Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Stik Fastening System is an auto-feed screw-gun extension, designed to drives 6-inch structural screws into top plates for truss and rafter connections.

Code Compliant Fastener

The Quick Stik replaces the need to use Simpson H2.5 hurricane ties by installing a 6” code-compliant structural screw. The Simpson 6” structural screws are orange for quick visible identification for building inspectors.

Quik Stik Extension

The extension is an aluminum shaft with spring and long fastener rod. The tool has orange “angle indicators” to assist in aligning the fastener properly. The key is for the angle indicators to be parallel with the wall  studs.

The entire extension fits on a drill or impact driver and measures 43.” It allows you to easily reach the top plate of a 8-9 foot height.

Fast Installation

The screws install quickly, require few tools, and hold fast. The Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Stik Fastening System equates to less labor and safer installation as it eliminates the need for a pneumatic tool, hose and ladder to perform the install.

Labor Saver

The installation of a Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Stik Fastening System screw takes approximately 5 to 6 seconds compared to an H2.5 connector and a Tico Fastener nail gun, which takes 30-plus seconds.

It is no doubt safer and a labor saver:

  • No step ladder needed
  • Designed to work inside the building
  • No pulling hoses
  • No compressor
  • No pneumatic nailer
  • Smaller, lighter tools
  • Faster installation

Using the Quik Stik

I found that the learning curve on the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Stik Fastening System is about 10 fasteners. After that your flying. Simpson does include a metal template plate to assist you in learning how to se the tool. Consider this template your “training wheels,” once you get the hang of it, toss it into the recycle bin and get moving!

We found the Quick Stik easy to use, safer and an absolute labor saver.  When you compare the effort and cost of installing H2.5 clips to the Simpson screw it’s a no-brainer.


The Quik Stik Fastening System 6” screws come in a box of 50 screws for $45.00. The Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Stik Kit sells for $179.00 and includes:

  • Quik Stik fastening tool
  • Sturdy carrying case (optional and also sold separately)
  • Detachable/adjustable bubble level
  • T30 6-lobe driver bit (replacement driver bit: BIT30TU-2-RC3)
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Quik Stik Fastening SystemVideo Review

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  1. John E Cromwell

    So is this to replace Hurricane Clips? With one screw compared to 4 to 6 10d nails will it hold. I live in Nebraska where there can be strong winds and tornadoes. Thanks

    1. Todd Fratzel

      The answer is yes. In one situation you’ve got nails in shear and in the other you’ve got a large structural screw in tension. Both code approved and tested.

  2. Doug Gotmer

    Fastenmaster has had this system but better for years

  3. DB

    Explain to me how I am going to explain this to a inspector and have him pass it????????????

    1. Simpson has spec sheets that you can share / send to you inspector

    2. Todd Fratzel

      You’d be surprised how quickly building code bulletins get out to inspectors. Your inspector may already be aware.

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