Senco DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdriver DS 312-18v

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Senco DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdriver DS 312-18v Review


Manufacturer: SENCO
Model number: DS312-18V
Price: $ 259.00
Power source: 18 volt Lithium-Ion
Motor size: 2500 RPM
Weight: 4.26

Auto-Feed Screwdrivers have been around for quite a few years and were mainly used for drywall and decking applications.  Last year Senco introduced their Senco DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdriver DS 312-18v with a lithium-ion battery.

The Senco DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdriver DS 312-18v is a dedicated cordless auto-feed screwdriver that drive screws using a collated screw feeder. The driver uses collated strips of screws which are auto fed through the driver eliminating the user having to manually attach each screw to the fastener head.  Talk about a time saver!

Senco DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdriver

Using an auto-feed driver like the Senco significantly reduces fastening times, allows for a more efficient installation and saving labor costs.    As a remodeling and construction contractor I’ve used auto-feed drivers and have the older Senco pole version DS320 which is extremely versatile for overheard or underfoot applications.

Most carpenters I know would use this tool for securing sub-floors but an auto-feed screwdriver has many more uses including:

  • Drywall
  • Sub-floor
  • Sheathing
  • Cement board
  • Decking and docks
  • Structural steel fastening

NEW Lithium-Ion Batteries

Senco  updated the Duraspin line, replacing the Ni-Cd 14.4V batteries in the earlier versions, and now offer 18V Li-ion battery-powered models that can drive 200 to 700 1” to 3” long screws per charge, depending on the substrate.  The tools come in one of two application specific speeds – either 2500 RPM or 5000 RPM with the higher RPM model being ideal for drywall applications.

I tested the 2500 RPM model knowing that I needed a auto-feed screwdriver that could accommodate longer screws and geared more to carpentry and remodeling applications.  According to Senco, this model can drive between 500 to 700 screws per charge, depending on the screw length and substrate.

Senco sells containers of collated screws ranging from 800 to 1000 screws, depending on the screw length.  They also sell different drive styles from #2 Phillips to Square head.  Each collated strip holds 50 screws.

Senco DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdriver

First Impression:

I immediately noticed how light, 4.26 pounds, and compact the Senco DS312 was.   Its design keeps all of the weight of the tool balances nicely and ill fit in tight spaces.

Other features I noticed were:

  • Cushioned hand grip
  • Tool-free screw length adjustment
  • Locking depth of drive adjustment
  • Corner-fit feed system
  • Variable speed trigger – with lock on
  • Belt hook – reversible and adjustable
  • Fastener capacity allows 1-inch to 3-inch screws

Using the Duraspin DS312

As I mentioned earlier I use auto-feed screwdrivers mostly with sub-floor applications and sometimes cement board under layment [CBU].  While I did not test out extension poles on this version I did find this model feeds faster and more reliable than my older Senco auto-feed driver.  I was able to drive 50 screws in less than 50 seconds.

Loading the 50-screw fastener strips are a a breeze.  They easily and quickly slide up from the bottom  through a guided channel and loading a new strip can be done in seconds.

I left the reversible bet clip on the left side of this tool but I did adjust the depth of the clip – what a nice option.   This belt clip adjustment will come in handy if your clipping the tool to your pants belt [smaller clip gap] or you want to clip to a tool belt like I did.  [larger clip gap]

The Duraspin DS312 has a depth-sensing clutch  to know when the screw is countersunk to the preset depth.   When the fastener is set the tool disengages and makes a clicking or ratcheting sound.

The 18 volt battery charges complete in one-hour.  I found the battery charger to be informative by indicating different stages of battery charge.  Four LED lights work in combination to indicate the following battery status:

  • 0-15%
  • 16-25%
  • 25-50%
  • 51-75%
  • 76-100%

This information is sometimes helpful.

Senco DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdriver

Overall Impression:

Two things impressed me the most about the Senco DS312;  Power and depth of drive precision.

The Senco DuraSpin Auto-Feed Screwdriver DS 312-18v has enough and speed to easily install 3-inch screws into 3/4 plywood and framing lumber and the with the precision the select the depth of fastener.   The depth of drive adjustment  has a lock that has to be depressed in order to change the setting.  I really appreciated this feature because once I set a tool I want it to stay that way and not be accidentally changed – nice touch Senco!

Another feature I should mention that was appreciated was the tool-less fastener length adjustment located in the tools nose.  The button is spring loaded and a simple push and slide allows you to tell the tool what size fastener you are loading.

DuraSpin’s auto-feed screw systems eliminate the need to load and position fasteners individually, minimizing screw waste and cutting down on installation time.  Recommended!


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