Hitachi 10″ Slide Miter Saw C10FSHC

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Hitachi 10” Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw with Laser- model C10FSHC

Hitachi 10" Slide Miter Saw C10FSHC

Manufacturer: Hitachi
Model number: C10FSHC
Price: 350.00
Power source: AC
Motor size: 15 Amps - soft start
Weight: 45.6
Just released, the  new Hitachi 10″ Slide Miter Saw C10FSHC has some cool features you may be interested in. This saw also features a zero, rear clearance slide system allowing it to sit on a bench, up against a wall.

Compact Slide System

The sliding arm moves along fixed rails, with linear motion bearings. Both of these combined, allow the saw to slide with a smooth and effortless movement. The result is a saw that can be pushed up against a wall, and takes up very little real estate.

Up Front Controls

All the controls on the Hitachi saw are located in the front, avoiding the need to reach around the saw to make bevel adjustments.

Also up front is a miter detent override so a user can quickly and smoothly dial into specific angles with ease.

Laser and Light

Equipped with an adjustable laser marker and LED light, the saw promises a bunch of premium features, but does it deliver?

We think it does with exception to their laser. Hitachi’s laser marker can be adjusted to the left of the cut, using dials located on the saw blade cover. The switches conveniently located on top of the tools handle and are covered with a rubber weather proof boot.

Note: while using the saw on a project one of these boots came loose and we had to reinsert it.

The laser adjustment dials are located under the plastic blade guard. We found this adjustment finicky and awkward. Unless you remove the blade guard, it’s impossible to lower the blade and align the laser to the blade. We ended up not sing the laser.

The LED light is several bulbs and is bright.

Hitachi’s Motor

The C10FSHC is powered by a 15Amp, soft-start, direct drive motor and WILL smoothly cut through framing lumber, oak and poplar trim easily. An externally accessible carbon brush makes for quick and easy changes.

An electric brake stops the blade rotation within a few seconds, not super fast.

Fence, Miter and Bevel Ranges

The dual aluminum fence stands tall and is removable

This saw delivers miter ranges from 0-60 degrees to the right and 0-55 degrees to the left.

A positive stop override system quickly and easily allows you to smoothly pass by all miter detent stops and dial into precise angles faster. Probably out of habit, from other miter saws, I found myself not using this feature and just pressing the release button.

The bevel ranges 0-48 degrees both to the right and left. Setting the bevel is done from the up-front bevel lock. We really liked NOT having to reach around to the back to adjust the bevel. The front bevel control on this saw is quick and easy to adjustment.

Unfortunately, you have to completely remove the right side sliding fence to use the full capacity of the bevel right feature.

Dust Collection

The included dust bag attaches at the rear and works reasonably well, the dust port can be easily connected to a shop vac for better dust collection.

Using the Hitachi 10” Slide Miter Saw C10FSHC

We used the saw on a whole house window replacement project. On this project we were cutting 2×4 stock, cedar clapboards poplar, oak trim, and PVC exterior trim and moldings.

We really liked the size and weight of the saw. At 45.6 lbs., it’s light weight and easy to haul around. The soft start feature is nice, as it reduces torque and stress on the motor and shaft, which will extend the life of the motor.

Our FAV Feature

Our FAVORITE feature on this saw was the controls – their all up front and easy to access.

We also liked the light and found ourselves using it all day. Hitachi could improve this light by having it activate with the power switch on the saw.


We did not like the laser feature, it was finicky and difficult to adjust, and access to the adjustment knobs is difficult, and a poor location at best.

Hitachi should look for a way to achieve bevel right without having to remove the fence – we all hate that.

Lastly, we thought the left side slide rail obstructs the blade of line of sight slightly, not completely but enough to be a deal breaker.


The Hitachi 10” Slide Miter Saw sells online for $350 and is WAY less money than other close quarter saws, with similar slide rails.

Overall Impression of the Hitachi Sliding Miter Saw

The Hitachi 10” Slide Miter Saw C10FSHC is ideal in a close quarter shop, limited benchtop, or tight quartered jobsite. It allows you the capacity of a 10” sliding miter saw without compromising the range of movement.

For the price, it’s a solid saw with some real nice premium features. With their recent table saw, impact and framing nailer releases, Hitachi has been stepping up their game.

We think it’s worth looking at.

Hitachi 10″ Slide Miter Saw C10FSHC Video Review


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  1. Ernesto Munoz

    I have a Hitachi c10FS. I put new brushes on it, but when I do a cut, the saw slows down till it stops. I has no power. Do you know what this could be?
    Thank you

    1. Ethan Bickford

      Might be that the brushes need to be run a bit to break them in. Saws do slow a bit when making a cut but if it’s excessive then I would bring it in to a service center or tool repair shop.

      Good luck!

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