Festool Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw Review

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Festool Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Carvex PSB420EBQ Jigsaw

Manufacturer: Festool
Model number: PSB420EBQ
Price: $350
Power source: 120V
Motor size: 400 watts
My first experience with the Festool Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw [561 608] was a recent review on the barrel grip PSC 420 EBQ cordless jigsaw.

The Festool Carvex jigsaw line has some meticulous innovation that we feel has pushed the envelope in sawing precision, ergonomic and dust control technology, while offering kick ass features and accessories.

The Carvex Line

The Carvex jigsaws are available in both corded and battery-powered with either a D-handle or barrel-grip design. FES-561455-2These jig saws  saws all have EC TEC Brushless motors.

Brushless motors are more efficient, and run longer with less required service.  Brushless motors also are more powerful than equivalent brushed motors.  When installed in a cordless tool, the batteries last longer.

First Impression

The PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw comes with a Systainer 1 T-Loc case.   The case has a molded insert and plenty of room for small accessories and blades.   You have to purchase a separate accessory Systainer to get the accessories.

I immediately noticed how much lighter the Festool Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw at 4.2 pounds it feels much lighter than the cordless version.  Probably due to the weight of the battery.

The Festool Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw operates at 3,800 strokes per minute, and has an sturdy, well-designed, blade guidance system that minimizes blade drift and deflection.

 Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Using The PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Blade visibility on this saw is excellent and a quad-LED, stroboscopic system actually makes the blade appear to “stand still.”   Unfortunately most of my testing was outdoors where the strope light did not work.

The  Festool Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw has an auto start feature that starts the motor [blade] slow, then when the saw senses a load, the motor increases speed.  I enjoyed using this feature as it helped me get the cut started and then gave me the additional power once I had the blade on the cut line.

I’ve use a lot of jig saws, and in my opinion, the PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw has outstanding cut quality and precision.  It is not nearly as powerful as other jig saws in its category.

The 13-foot cord length is perfect for most work station situations and rarely requires me to grab an extension cord.

Triple Blade Guidance

Festool jigsaws utilize a carbide blade guides to minimize blade deflection  the kit comes with a few clear replaceable plastic splinter guards inserts to prevent material from chipping.

Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Stroboscopic LED Lights

Four high-intensity white LEDs surround the blade on every side to illuminate the cut line.  The interesting thing about these LEDs is they synchronize to the speed of the blade [stroboscopic setting] causing it to appear to stand still which assists in keeping the blade on the cut line. 

The LEDs can be configured to be always on, always off or stroboscopic. 
I’d like to see the LED light mode selection made simpler, it’s way too complicated.


Interchangeable Base System

The Festool Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw has a base change release lever to swap between a collection of task-specific bases [sold separately] for the saw.    Changing the bases can be done quickly and efficiently.

The problem with Carvex is if have to  purchase the accessory kit in order to get the bevel base plate.   Additionally the angle plate that comes with the accessory kit folds in half as opposed to tilts to one side.   This “half-fold,” reduces the shoe plate stability on the work surface.

FastFix Blade Chuck

The Carvex features a new patented tool-free blade chuck and accepts  The T-shank blades.    A blade is simply inserted at a slight angle and twisted into a locked position.   A plastic release trigger on the side of the jigsaw ejects the blade.

Stroke Adjustment

The Carvex blade has a 1-inch blade stroke and operated between 500 – 3,800 strokes per minute.   A stroke adjustment knob, on the side of the tool,  lets you select four cutting modes ranging from fine to aggressive cutting.

Adjustable Chip Guard

The chip guard can be adjusted vertically to provide optimal visibility while retaining excellent dust extraction. The chip guard can also be completely removed. The integrated blower moves dust away from the cut line when dust extraction is not being used.  This blower worked ok but not great.

I did like that the disposable splinter guards can pushed in closer to the blade.    This needs to be done with needle nose plies and only after they start to wear, resulting in doubling the life of the insert.

Variable Speed Trigger

On the D-Handle models of the Carvex, the ambidextrous trigger on the handle can be used to regulate the speed of the cut in addition to the variable speed dial.   I found that this trigger gave me additional cut control and accuracy in turns.    There is also a trigger lock button to lock the tool on.

Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw

Dust Extraction

When combined with a dust extractor the  PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw captures almost all of the visible dust – truly impressive!  A clear plastic dust shield can be slide down over the tools nose to  increase the dust collection efficiency.  I did notice blade visibility suffered slightly when I used this plastic shroud.

The dust port for the saw is in the rear of the tool  and I found it easy to attach and maneuver when attached.


  • Blade Type Universal T-Shank
  • Motor Type EC TEC Brushless
  • Power Consumption 400 Watts
  • Battery Range
  • Stroke Length 1″
  • Stroke Speed 500 – 3,800 spm
  • (varies by model)
  • Bevel Adjustment +/- 45°
  • (optional base required)
  • Cutting Depth, Wood 4-3/4″
  • Cutting Depth, Non-Ferrous Metals 3/4″
  • Cutting Depth, Steel 3/8″
  • Jigsaw Blades for Wood (2) (2)
  • Chip Guard
  • Splinterguard

Room for Improvement:

I found the side mounted, power switch awkward to use.  Similar to my experience with the barrel grip Carvex,  I found the side mounted switch difficult to reach, while holding saw in one hand.    While testing this saw I found myself always using the trigger switch located in the tool handle. 

The optional accessory kit  is absolutely needed in order to bevel this saw.  Without it you can not bevel.

Overall Impression

Festool has become an industry leader with innovative high quality woodworking and finish carpenter tools, that solve problems.

The Carvex jigsaw has meticulous innovation written all over it.  The Festool Carvex PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw is a durable, powerful and a lot of smart engineering went into this well-featured saw.

While not the most powerful jigsaw I’ve tested it is certainly designed for professionals expecting exceptional cutting precision, excellent ergonomics and superior dust control.

Accessory Kit 497709 Includes

  • Assortment of  Carvex jigsaw bases and base inserts
  • Circle Cutter
  • Angle Base
  • Splinter guards
  • Festool SYS 2 T-LOC Systainer

How Much and Where To Buy

Expect to pay top dollar for the Carvezx jig saw and accessory kit.

Carvex PSB420EBQ Jigsaw

The accessory kit  sells on line here  Festool-497709-Accessory-Carvex-Jigsaw for$200.00.

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