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HART Tools 20V 5″ Random Orbit Sander Review

20V Cordless 5" Random Orbit Sander

Manufacturer: HART Tools
Model number: HPSD01
Price: $44.88 Bare Tool
Power source: 20V Lithium-Ion Battery
Weight: 2.3 Lbs.
This tool review takes an in depth look at the HART Random Orbit Sander from their 20V cordless line. HART Tools is establishing themselves as a go-to value brand for the entry level craftsman or DIY homeowner. The HART sander Model HPSD01 is a cost effective yet still capable tool.

The Tool Box Buzz Crew has reviewed several of HART’s offerings previously. As a brand HART fits a niche for new tools owners who may be intimidated by investing in a pro grade tool and battery platform. The 20V 5″ random orbit sander is a tool that would serve a casual user, or cheapskate, extremely well.

HART Random Orbit Sander

HART Sander Features

  • Capable of 10,000 RPM With a HART 4.0 Ah Battery
  • 5″ Hook and Loop Sanding Pad Attachment
  • Vacuum Hose Compatibility With 1 1/4″ & 1 7/8″
HART Cordless Random Orbit Sander

The 5″ hook and lop attachment pad for the HART sander. This worked well with a variety of sandpapers used during the testing process.

Standout Size and Ergonomics

HART Random Orbit Sander

HART’s 20V cordless sander is very compact and ergonomic. At only 2.3 Lbs. it was easy to use in any position for extended periods of time. The contoured body shape and generous rubber over-mold make the tool extremely comfortable in the hand as well. The HART random orbit sander has a small overall profile, but felt vibration is very minimal during use.

HART Random Orbit Sander

The small size and light overall weight stood out to me while using the HART sander on a finishing project. The sander as used to finish sand in preparation for paint on a shiplap bathroom. Moving from nail hole to nail hole was effortless and less fatiguing while using the HART random orbit sander.

Dust Collection on the HART Cordless Sander

A fabric dust bag is included with the bare tool from HART. Using just the dust bag yielded surprisingly good results from the HART sander. While working in a finished space the cleanup was minimal and the sander collected the majority of the dust and was easy to empty out.

HART Random Orbit Sander

The dust-port on the HART random orbit sander is compatible out of the box with both 1 1/4″ and 1 7/8″ vacuum hoses. This common size will allow the tool to be used with many popular shop vac systems. Admittedly, I did not use the sander with dust collection. My reasoning for this was that if I am going to bother lugging and setting up dust collection, I am going to use one of my professional grade sanders currently set up for collection. The HART random orbit sander excels as quick grab and go tool for finish work or used in an outdoor or garage space where dust collection is not a primary concern.

HART 20V Battery Performance

During my testing I had access to only one HART 1.5 Ah 20V battery. This battery pack is slim and small and helps to keep the size and bulk of the overall tool down. However, the 1.5 Ah battery provided me with only approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes of continuous use.

HART Random Orbit Sander

This run time would be acceptable for the casual user who may be using it for a small project. For a larger project or more continuous use, I would strongly recommend having a spare battery on hand or investing in one of HART’s larger 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah battery packs.  These larger batteries will increase the size and bulk of the tool.

Room for Improvement on the HART Sander

Overall this tool impressed me with how simple yet functional it is. However my major complaint for the HART random orbit sander as well as all other HART 20V cordless tools is the lack of a battery gauge system. There is no option on the tools or batteries to check the level of charge and this make battery management difficult. Several times while using the sander it unexpectedly died and led to great frustration.

The new 4.0 Ah battery packs include this feature but it is not available on the compact HART 1.5 and 2.0 Ah batteries.

Who is the HART Cordless Sander Designed For

This sander is a very capable tool for the majority of DIY tasks and projects. My four year old daughter and I used the HART random orbit sander to refinish a wooden rocking chair and it excelled in this role.

The tool lacks the grunt and power of a serious professional grade sander and would be terrible for major material removal. However, for light finish sanding the HART cordless sander excelled and left minimal scratched and marks with fine grit sandpaper.

HART Random Orbit Sander

Overall this offering from HART would make a great out of the box option for anyone looking to get into woodworking and other DIY projects. The sander would also be a good, and disposable, option for a professional contractor that will not break the bank. It is small, ergonomic, has multiple battery options, and has an up and coming product line to support it.

Pricing and Availability for the HART Random Orbit Sander

The HART random orbit sander is available exclusively through Walmart both online and in store. Ordinarily this sander sells for $44.88 as a bare tool. That is a tremendous value from HART.

Check out the Walmart website if you are interested in saving some money on a new tool offering from HART like the 20V cordless 5″ random orbit sander.

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  1. […] Overall the I have found the 20V battery platform to be the main strength of HART’s cordless platform. The batteries are reliable and provide sufficient power. Additionally, the four-port charger offered by HART works well and charges the smaller 1.5 Ah batteries quickly. This larger charger greatly helps with battery management as well because the batteries do not feature a charge gauge. This can be frustrating at times as I mentioned in my review of their 20V Cordless Sander. […]

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