RYOBI PSBCS02 Cutoff Tool

RYOBI PSBCS02 Cutoff Tool Review

While moving into a new shop and setting it up. I have been working a lot with Unistrut to create partitions, work surfaces, and ceiling mounts for exhaust and lighting. Many times, I need to cut a small amount off of a hanger rod or Unistrut section in close quarters.  These are times that a tool like RYOBI PSBCS02 comes in real handy.

RYOBI Cutoff Tool – Ideal in Low Clearance Areas

I could always pull out the reciprocating saw and put in a carbide blade to make these cuts. But as users know, the length of a reciprocating blade often hits the surrounding areas making marks and more work. Or, the reciprocating saw needs to be put in such a configuration that the work may become less safe, especially working on a ladder with two hands on the reciprocating saw.

The PSBCS02 Cutoff saw has proven quite capable and effective in these kinds of situations as well as on a benchtop task.

First Impression

RYOBI introduces the ONE+ HP 18V Compact Brushless Cut-Off Tool (PSBCS02). The powerful brushless motor produces a range of speeds up to 19,500 RPM. That’s enough power to cut through materials like metal, plastic, tile, cement board, drywall, wire shelving, PVC, and vinyl siding.

Measuring just 8.5 in. long, the cut-off tool is compact and lightweight-ideal for one-handed operation and cutting in tight spaces. The dual LED lights illuminate both forward and reverse cutting directions, making it easier to see in dark spaces. In addition, the wide base ensures the tool is flat to the work surface for increased cutting accuracy and stability.

The PSBCS02 is part of the RYOBI ONE+ System of over 175 cordless tools that all work on the same battery platform. Backed by the RYOBI 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, this ONE+ HP 18V Compact Brushless Cut-Off Tool includes a 3/8 in. Arbor, a 7/16 in. Arbor, metal cut-off wheel, carbide abrasive blade, diamond tile blade, hex key, and operator’s manual. Batteries and chargers are sold separately.

RYOBI PSBCS02 Cutoff Tool Features

  • Compact size at 8.5 in. and lightweight
  • Brushless Motor provides longer runtime, longer motor life, and more power
  • Provides up to 19,500 RPM
  • 3 in. wheels to cut wood, metal, plastic, tile, pipe, wire shelving, drywall, cement board, etc.
  • Dual LED lights to illuminate the workspace
  • Forward/Reverse cutting direction
  • Wire base for increased accuracy and stability
  • Perfect for any DIY or professional job
  • Part of the RYOBI ONE+ System of over 175 Cordless Tools
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes: (1) PSBCS02 ONE+ HP 18V Compact Brushless Cut-off Tool, 3/8 in. Arbor, 7/16 in. Arbor, metal cut-off wheel, carbide abrasive blade, diamond tile blade, hex key, and operator’s manual
  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • $99.00 for Bare Tool


Using the RYOBI Cutoff Tool

I have used both the Milwaukee and RIDGID cutoff tools in the past and I find the RYOBI to be as good as these two tools and to have some features I liked even more than the others. First, I really like the wire fence and the range that the fence adjusts with the screw tightening mechanism. For accurate depth cuts, the fence works extremely well.

Another feature I like is the ability of the tool body to rotate in relation to the cutting head. This means the cutoff tool can take a lower profile configuration, or a less-long configuration depending on the task. The total adjustment is approximately 15 degrees – but even that small an adjustment can be key in tight spaces.

Speed Adjustment

The tool has a variable adjustment for the blade speed and it is a smooth transition along the entire range. I do find that I mostly operate the tool in full-throttle. Only when I feel like the smaller speeds might benefit me in the work do I back off. When cutting through a hanger rod or Unistrut sections, the tool will sometimes bind and stop. This is a very common circumstance and taking it out of the cut, restarting, and being more careful with the fit between the blade and the material will solve that issue. Incidentally, that is the identical experience I have had with any other 3” cutoff tool.

I like the dual LED lights and find them helpful in illuminating the work area. I don’t often use tools in the dark, so I appreciate that these LEDs are for spot illumination for the user to align with the workpiece. The forward/reverse switch is right near the trigger and placed for easy direction changes. The ergonomics on this tool are very good.

RYOBI Cutoff Tool Battery Life

Since the tool came as a bare tool, I used it with one of my 4.0 A-hr batteries. I am pleased with the battery life, but this is a large capacity battery for this tool. It will be interesting to see how the cutoff tool works with a 1.5 a-hr battery pack. While I am not all that sure that runtime is very critical, as I will be using this tool on an occasional basis and not for cutting work on a production basis. However, this tool should be able to handle a heavy workload as well as occasional use. I cut twelve sections of 1 5/8” Unistrut in sequence and the PSBCS02 did not miss a beat.

Provided Blades:

RYOBI provides three blades with the bare tool. All of these blades have a 7/16” (11mm) arbor size. The one I used the most was the 3” (76mm) diameter metal blade. RYOBI  rates this blade at a maximum of 20,100 rpm. This type of blade will be what I use most with this tool.

The second blade is a 3” (76mm) diamond tile blade. RYOBI  rates at a 20,100 rpm maximum speed. In my business, I do not do too much tile work, I can see the benefit of having this cutoff tool paired with a diamond blade to use for tile and masonry fine cuts. Moreover,  the cutoff tool with the diamond blade could use the addition of some kind of dust collection adapter.

The final blade is a carbide abrasive wheel. This 3” (76mm) blade is used for cutting plastics and drywall. It is rated at a maximum of 20,100 rpm. When using this to cut drywall, it would be nice to have a dust collection adapter and this tool can generate a large amount of fine gypsum dust. I hope that as this product matures, there is a dust collection adapter in its future.

Overall Impression of the RYOBI Cutoff Tool

I was impressed with the RYOBI PSBCS02 cutoff tool. At $99.00 for a bare tool, it is a great value. RYOBI includes a 3-year warranty that increases the value of the tool. Users that need a tight space metal, drywall, and tile cutting capability cannot go wrong with purchasing this tool. For users on the RYOBI platform, it is a great introduction to RYOBI’s new ONE+HP products.

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  1. Clay

    Looks great! Wonder when a tool manufacturer outside of TTI will decide to make these. Could use one in yellow.

  2. […] Ryobi recently came out with some new tools in their new series called ONE+ HP. The ONE+ HP (High Performance / Advanced Technology) This series is designed for tough working conditions for extended periods. The new line features the RYOBI PSBRA02B Cordless Brushless Right Angle Drill, Drill/Driver Set, 3/8″ Impact Wrench, One-handed Reciprocating saw, a Cut-off tool […]

  3. Nik

    This is not for cutting wood as advertised. There is no blade for wood as the tool doesn’t have the blade guard

    1. Stan Durlacher

      True. This tool is not to be used for cutting wood.

  4. cazzbaa

    Thank you, SD. The wire was certainly intriguing to me as well, it appears beneficial. Based upon the service this unit supplied to you, as a professional, I can see that the ‘eye’ test was actually correct for a change, the Ryobi’s looks caught my eye because it is a sharp-looking tool, then you say that it operates well in tight spaces is reassuring to hear, plus the pricing is great along w/ the reputation of the line. Thanks, again! cazzbaa

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