Ryobi ProTip Paint Sprayer Review

Ryobi ProTip Paint Sprayer Review

Earlier this year Ryobi introduced a bunch of innovative new products that we’ve reviewed here, here, and here. The last of the new products is a couple of paint sprayers with reversabile spray tips to make clearing any clogs a breeze. One that runs on household AC power and the other that’s part of the vast One+ system.

Features and Specifications

  • Reversible ProTip™ spray tip for clearing clogs quickly
  • Quick lock container holds 1.5 quarts
  • Unique paint pick-up designed for low paint conditions
  • Tungsten Carbide tip sprays latex paint and stain
  • Relatively lightweight
  • 1800 PSI
  • Horizontal and vertical spray orientation
  • Cordless model includes one P103 1.5 aH Li-Ion battery and P117 charger
  • Cleaning brush, extra atomizer, and small bottle of lube included

Evaluation and Performance

According to Ryobi, these are the first consumer oriented paint sprayers with reversible tips. The tip really made clearing clogs a breeze. I made sure to test with some thicker latex paint and found they were able to deliver pretty consistent results but my paint was a little old with even some bits of dirt in it. I used it on purpose so that clogs were eminent. I don’t recommend this though. Strain your paint if it’s a little chunky.

I painted a bunch of outdoor furniture, a number of picture frames, and pre-painted some interior trim (in an outdoor setting) using both tools. They performed almost the same but I found I was more fatigued with the cordless model. It is slightly heavier and vibrates a little more.Ryobi ProTip sprayer shines on outdoor furniture

For me these tools really shined when painting outdoor furniture. My wife and I have a set of wooden adirondack chairs that have been exposed to the elements over the last few years and they were looking pretty shabby. Some scraping and sanding and the chairs were ready for paint. These chairs have a number of nooks and crannies to them and the sprayers made the job really easy. If I had used a brush it would have taken me days to apply a coat instead of minutes. Both sprayers put out a ton of paint in not much time.

The spray tip and atomizer were my favorite features of these units and made for a very fine and consistant spray pattern for professional looking results. Ease of cleaning was just icing on the cake. I also think Ryobi did a great job deciding which parts should be stainless steel and which should be plastic. In my opinion the spray parts are perfect.

There are a few improvements that could be made that I think would make these tools even better. A softer over-molded grip would really help with the fatigue from vibrations on the cordless model. The corded model could benefit from either a slightly longer cord or a cord retainer to help keep the tool and extension cord connected. Usually with corded tools I tie a loose overhand knot in the cords and then a strip of duct tape around the plugs. I can’t quite do that with the corded model.

Clean up

Every time I consider a new painting product the first thing that comes to mind is clean up. How messy is it? How long does it take? Any special procedures? Etcetera. Thankfully this tool isn’t that difficult. At first it took me about 10 minutes to clean but the more I use it, the faster I get. What makes it so easy is that it disassembles with ease. All of the paint components disconnect as a unit from the motor and grip. All the components laid out after cleaning.My slop sink is in the laundry room so I typically remove the paint components with a couple turns of the plastic locking nut and take it to the sink. I clean the cup and pick-up components and then fill with warm water. I reattach the paint components and spray out the water. Then back to the slop sink to clean all the little bits and channels with water and the included brush. It’s a mix of plastic and stainless steel components so I typically let everything air dry. The next day I lube the piston (with the included oil) and reassemble. Easy with minimal mess.

Where To Buy

Both the corded and cordless versions can be picked up in store or online at The Home Depot. The corded version is $99 and the cordless One+ sprayer is $179. My recommendation is to buy the corded version unless you need the portability. It will save you a bunch of money while still delivering great results.

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  1. Geoff K

    Would you recommend this for staining exterior cedar siding. I have a big job ahead of me to re-stain the house so I’m looking for a way to make this easier.

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