Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905

Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905

Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905 Review

Since making the Tek4 flashlight I’ve been waiting for Ryobi to make another kick ass flashlight. Recently they designed the Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905 and once again, caught my attention.

The Ryobi RFL905 is the perfect light for shop, garage, home or every day use and carry.  Packed with all the features needed, this well-designed light is compact and covered with rubber over-mold making it easy to grip.

Light Output

The LED bulb in the Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905 puts out a fixed beam or 160 lumens which will shine up to 630 feet.  The LED bulbs are made by CREE, a leader, and innovator in LED lighting and development. The light is bright, clean and has a wide halo and inner spot. There are some light rings in the halo, just outside of the spot, but the light quality is still really good.

To give you an idea of light output: at 5-feet away the Ryobi RFL905

will project a 5-foot wide radius halo and a 5-inch wide inner spot light. At 10-feet away this radius doubles to 10-feet.

Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905

Run Time

The Ryobi RFL905 comes with and operates on three AAA batteries which fit into an inner battery carriage.  The Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905 will operate for 24-hours.


Let’s face it, most flashlights break when dropped. The Ryobi RFL905 light was designed to be impact and water resistant. It was tested and rated to be able to handle a drop from 3-feet or water submersion of 3-feet. We left ours on for 8 hours in a vase of water with no negative effects!! [See photo]

Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905

The flashlight is constructed out of aluminum and is corrosion resistant.  The battery compartment is in the handle of this light and the threads to the battery cap have a rubber o-ring, ensuring a tight, water resistant seal. The on/off button is rubber coated and located at the end of this  screw cap.  The inside section of this screw cap has a well attached battery spring – nothing cheap there.

The flashlight has 3 settings in this order:

  1. High
  2. Low
  3. Strobe

All of these settings are reached by cycling the power switch.

The lens bezel is plastic and surrounded by rubber allowing the light to bump into things, as well as rest on its front end without scratching the lens. The end cap is designed and coated with rubber which allow it to be rested on its end, hands free, for vertical illumination.

The bezel is octagonal shaped preventing the light from rolling away when placed on its side.

While the lime green and gray color are not the coolest, this little light is certainly cool! If you get the chance, enlighten yourself, and check out the Ryobi LED Flashlight RFL905. It’ll brighten your day for sure!


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  1. Kurtis Don

    Ryobi’s hi intensity Tek4 flashlight was awesome. It would fit in your pocket, was bright, and would handle a lot of abuse. The best feature was that it took the rechargeable Tek4 batteries. With kids and the amount of time we spend outdoors this feature saved us $100 on batteries. This flashlight looks pretty dang cool, but does the battery carriage match the Tek4 design? or am I’m going to have to keep looking for a rechargeable flashlight?

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