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Ryobi Hot Glue Gun Review Model P305

Ryobi Hot Glue Gun -1We’ve all used a tool or two in our day that is frustrating to use but is a necessary evil to get our work done. For me, one of those tools is a hot glue gun. They dribble glue, have a crappy stand, and the cord is always stiff. Using one is just a frustrating experience but it doesn’t have to be anymore. The new Ryobi Hot Glue Gun Model P305 is going to change how pros and non pros alike use a glue gun.

This tool is for the part-time crafter to the woodworker to the pro installer. It has all the benefits of a corded hot glue gun without any sacrifices. In fact, it’s one of the few tools in my shop that my wife also uses. So much so that I added it to the recent iteration of the Quick Drill Storage Solution.Ryobi Hot Glue Gun -3

No Dribble Tip

One thing I’ve always hated about cheap, corded hot glue guns is that when you set them down they dribble glue from the tip. Whether it’s due to their orientation on the stand or what, you always have to put something under them to prevent getting unwanted glue on something you care about.

The Ryobi Hot Glue Gun is different. It doesn’t dribble from the tip. Perhaps, it’s a function of the orifice size and the surface tension of the glue sticks or it’s due to the fact that it stands upright.

Look Ma, No Stand

And speaking of standing, this hot glue gun doesn’t have one. It stands at the ready atop its battery. No more crappy stands that look like an unbent paperclip. With the battery on the base, the center of mass is very low. This means that the tool is very stable. It’s hard to tip over unless you’re really trying. This is a great feature for a tool that dispenses molten glue.

The hot glue gun takes any ONE+ battery. That system has been around with the same interface since 1996. That’s over 20 years and 100 plus tools in that system that can all take the same batteries.Ryobi Hot Glue Gun -2

I’ve Got No Cords To Hold Me Down

Ryobi Hot Glue Gun -4Obviously with a battery, there isn’t a need for a cord. But can a battery really work as well as a corded tool? The best part about this tool is that it gets rid of the annoyances of a corded hot glue gun without performance sacrifices. The gun heats up in 3 minutes. That’s inline with corded models. Some may heat up a little faster but they’re close.

What about runtime though? How long can a battery powered hot glue gun really heat? On a 4ah battery, Ryobi claims the hot glue gun will run for 3.5 hours. That is a really long time and most won’t be using it continuously. Most will turn it on, let it heat up, use it for a few minutes, and then turn it off. It will be a bunch of short cycles where the tool is constantly heating. The run time will be quite a bit shorter but still around an hour.

Get You Some of That

So how do you get in on this action? The Ryobi Hot Glue Gun is available at the Home Depot for a paltry $29.97. It comes as a bare tool with 3 sticks of glue. You won’t find it in the tool corral though. It’s in the same isle as the nail guns but way down at the other end by the other corded hot glue guns.

Still not convinced? Go check out the reviews. On HomeDepot.com, the tool is rated 5 stars with almost 100 reviews. This tool is the real deal. Check it out!

Ryobi ONE+ Hot Glue Gun

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  1. kilian

    Is the tip interchangeable in different sizes?

  2. Freddy White

    I just purchased this glue gun and I’m losing more glue from the dribble than from actual use. I’m using the gun for paintless dent repair but I’m very disappointed. Why am I having this problem?

    1. Billie Kuntschik

      Me too! That is the only drawback I can find wit it! I feel like it wastes a lot glue by how much drips out!

  3. guy_in_the_chat

    Ryobi glue gun definitely dribbles, a lot. Maybe there’s a contractor glue stick that is significantly thicker and doesn’t run on its own, but I don’t have that. Ryobi glue gun light indicator to show on/off doesn’t work if the battery isn’t fully charged. This makes it a little annoying to remember if the glue gun is on, or off, because the light stops working, and the left/right indicator with I/O is harder to see and remember (when you initially are trained to use the light, when it works.)
    3/5, at best.

  4. Bunny

    This one dribbles something horrible. It is also not such a great tool when it has only one setting, which is ridiculously hot. Also, the battery does not last as long as they indicate. It lasts 15 – 20 minutes. Time to find a new brand.

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